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RSS Writers' Roundtable

A monthly show hosted by Professor Ron Block, Rowan University College of Communication, on the 4th Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m.

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Play Download 10/27/2014 - Writers' Roundtable

This episode's guest is Julia MacDonnell Chang, also known by her pen name Julia MacDonnell. She is a creative writing professor at Rowan University. Her work has appeared in the Boston Globe, New York Daily News, North Dakota Quarterly, American Literary Review, and the Alaska Review. She is the creative non-fiction editor of Philadelphia Stories and is the author of two novels. She talks about her books as well as her experiences in writing.

Play Download 09/22/2014 - Writers' Roundtable

Rowan University professor Ron Block speaks with student members from Rowan's literary magazine, Avant, about poetry, the magazine, and more.

Play Download 07/28/2014 - Writers' Roundtable

Ron Block speaks with Rowan University Professor Ned Eckardt. Professor Eckardt is the author of Documentary Filmmakers Handbook which is the complete guide to all phases of documentary production. He talks about the great growth of documentaries in recent years and explains that this is the age of the documentarian.

Play Download 05/26/2014 - Writers' Roundtable

Ron Block speaks with the author of a collection of poetry called The Edge of Known Things, Kelly Madigan. Kelly talks about how her lifestyle is characterized by simplicity and travel and how that reflects in her work. She also reads a few poems from the collection.

Play Download 03/24/2014 - Writers' Roundtable

Rowan University Creative Writing Professor Ron Bloc with award winning author, R.G. Evans. R.G. Evans talks about his book, Over Tipping the Ferrymen, the inspiration behind the books title, and how his work has changed over the years. He also reads some of his poems from the book.

Play Download 02/24/2014 - Writers' Roundtable

Rowan University Creative Writing Professor Ron Block speaks with editors and readers of Rowan Universitys Avant magazine; Hannah, Mike and Alex. The three of them discuss the literary magazine and the editorial process behind it. They also each read a piece of literature from the most recently published edition of Avant magazine.

Play Download 11/26/2013 - Writers' Roundtable

With the Holiday Season approaching, Rowan University Creative Writing Professor Ron Block sits down with his colleague Professor Martin Itzkowitz. Professor Itzkowitz reads a collection of Holiday stories and poems for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas.

Play Download 10/28/2013 - Writers' Roundtable

Rowan University Creative Writing Professor Ron Block speaks with children's and young adult author Lisa Jahn-Clough. Lisa talks about her most recent young adult novel, "Nothing But Blue," and how it was inspired by the story of someone she knew many years ago. She also talks about young adult books as a genre and how having a fellow author as a husband helps greatly with the writing process.

Play Download 09/23/2013 - Writers' Roundtable

Rowan University Creative Writing Professor Ron Block speaks with the Curator of Rowan Universitys newest Art Exhibit, Mary Salvante. Mary talks about the new exhibit, titled Dialogic, and how it explores the relationship between images and words as imagined by contemporary visual artists.

Play Download 08/26/2013 - Writers' Roundtable

Rowan University Creative Writing Professor Ron Block spoke with the Editor-in-Chief of Avant magazine, Alex Grover. Alex talks about the student run magazine and the unbiased submission process that a writer has to go through in order for them to submit a piece to it. Alex also reads a few pieces of poetry from the literary magazine.

Play Download 04/22/2013 - Writers' Roundtable

Steve Almond, author of nonfiction and short stories including Candyfreak : A Journey through the Chocolate Underbelly of America and God Bless America: Stories. Almond discussed his life-long devotion to candy and what drove him to devote an entire work of nonfiction to it. He also talked about the differences in self-publishing versus a publishing company putting out his work. For more information, visit

Play Download 03/25/2013 - Writer's Roundtable

Poet and Rowan alum Joan Hanna joined host Ron Block to discuss and share readings from her new collection of poems, "Threads." Hanna talked about the personal situations that inspired many of her poems and how she keeps her writing so candid.

Play Download 02/25/2013 - Writer's Roundtable

Host and Rowan University professor Ron Block spoke with Ed Briant, illustrator, musician and author of the new young-adult novel I Am Not The Walrus. Briant, who grew up in the UK, explained why he set the novel in a town much like the one he grew up in and music's influences in the story. Later, Briant explained what took him from illustration to writing novels. Finally, he shared upcoming projects from a picture book with his wife to a graphic novel.

Play Download 01/28/2013 - Writers' Roundtable

Rowan University Creative Writing Professor Ron Block spoke with the student writers and and editors for Avant Magazine, Rowan's student-run literary magazine. Alex Grover, editor-in-chief, Lauren Wainwright, editor, and Gabby Ostipovich, editorial board member shared their experiences with the magazine and read their own pieces. They spoke about various influences and preferred genres that they enjoy.

Play Download 10/22/2012 - Writers' Roundtable

In a special Halloween edition of Writers' Roundtable, Rowan University Writing Arts professor Ron Block spoke to Andrew McDougall, who spent ten years working as an interpretive park ranger at the Edgar Allan Poe National Historical Site, the last remaining Poe residence from the time Poe lived in Philadelphia (1838-1844). This was Poes most productive period, during which he wrote many of his most famous works, including The Tell-Tale Heart, and The Black Cat."

Play Download 09/24/2012 - Writer's Roundtable

Host and Rowan University professor, Ron Block spoke with Martin Fairwell, director of the Dodge Poetry Festival, the biggest poetry festival in the country, held in Newark, NJ from October 11th-October 14th. Fairwell outlined different features and programs offered over the four-day festival as well as different poets that will be attending. He also went over what goes into planning the next festival, which happens every even numbered year.

Play Download 08/27/2012 - Writer's Roundtable

Host Ron Block spoke with Greg Kosmicki, a poet and social worker from Omaha, Nebraska. Kosmicki founded The Backwaters Press in 1997 and shared the history of the Press. Later, Kosmincki spoke about notable authors he's published in The Backwaters Press. In addition, Kosmicki mentioned the privilege of publishing some of his former teacher's work.

Play Download 03/26/2012 - Writer's Roundtable

Host Ron Block discussed the projects of Avant, a student-published literary magazine at Rowan University, with Kara Rothenberg, editor in chief, Alex Grover, treasurer, and Lauren Wills, staff member. Each student read their own work that was published in the most recent edition of the magazine. In addition, Rothenberg explained how the submission process works. Finally, work from other students was read and discussed.

Play Download 02/27/2012 - Writer's Roundtable

Host Ron Block sat down with Scott McCloud, a comic book writer and the speaker at the College of Communication's Presidential Lecture series. McCloud explained how he got into comics and the transition from superhero comics to other genres in comics. In addition, McCloud described the cultural differences in comics. He described comics as an art form. For more information and to purchase McCloud's books, log onto

Play Download 01/23/2012 - Writers' Roundtable

Author and Rowan University Professor Lisa Jahn-Clough joined host Ron Block to discuss her children's books and young adult novels. Jahn-Clough explained how she began creating short picture books following college to eventually making it into a career. She also mentioned that all of her children's books are autobiographical. Later, she described her writing process in terms of her young adult novels. For more information, you can head over to

Play Download 11/28/2011 - Writers' Roundtable

Joe Samuel Starnes, author of "Fall Line" joined host Ron Block to discuss his work. Starnes, a journalist as well, talked about the plot of "Fall Line," some artistic techniques he used as well as a bit of information about the characters. The entire story in "Fall Line" spans over only one day and creates an interesting look at the South during the mid 1950's.

Play Download 09/26/2011 - Writer's Roundtable

Ron Block speaks with James Zuback, Alex Grover, Cara Rothenburger, editors of Avant Magazine.

Play Download 07/25/2011 - Writer's Roundtable

Professor Ron Block talked with Mark Sanders, a poet, essayist, short story writer, and the editor of Sandhills Press. Most recently, he and Steven Meats edited an edition of The Midwest Quarterly devoted to Nebraska poetry.

Play Download 05/23/2011 - Writers' Round Table

Rowan University Creative Writing Professor and host Ron Block spoke with Rowan alumni Joe Carlo, Justin Davis, and Nisa Lee about their experiences at the university, life after college, and the evolution of their literary work.

Play Download 04/25/2011 - Writers' Roundtable

Rowan University Creative Writing Professor and host Ron Block spoke with author of "A Sandhills Ballad", Ladette Randolph about her journey to develop character identity and life in a mid-western small town.

Play Download 01/24/2011 - Writer's Roundtable

Rowan University Creative Writing Professor and host Ron Block spoke with Rowan students Dan Attamante, Alexandra Voglesong, and Cara Rothenberg about the campus literary magazine "Avant". They group discussed how poems are selected for publication and their literary journeys.

Play Download 11/22/2010 - Writers Roundtable

Host Ron Block spoke with poet and retired family therapist Sharon Charde about grief and dealing with sudden loss. They also talked about Charde's new book, Branch In His Hand, a collection of poems about the struggles of handling grief.

Play Download 10/25/2010 - Writer's Round Table

Rowan University Creative Writing Professor and Host Ron Block spoke with author Laura Hladik about her book Ghost Hunting New Jersey. She discussed her experiences chasing ghosts in New Jersey.

Play Download 09/27/2010 - Writer's Round Table

Professor Ron Block speaks with Martin Farawell about the Dodge Poetry Festival in Newark, NJ and the fight to hold it despite the recession.

Play Download 08/23/2010 - Writers' Roundtable

Host Rowan University Professor Ron Block speaks to Tim Hunt about his poetry, his use of imagery and his inspirations as Hunt recites some of his work from his collections, "Fault Lines."

Play Download 05/24/2010 - Writers' Roundtable

Host Ron Block talks with Jackie Cassidy and Steven Harbold about their thesis work, how their work evolved and where their work will go.

Play Download 03/22/2010 - Writers' Roundtable

Ron Block sits down with the author of Any Moment, a book about home garden, baseball and the summer months. It's the perfect book to read to remind you of the wonderful summer days.

Play Download 02/22/2010 - Writers' Roundtable

Host Ron Block sits down with the student editors of the Avant Magazine.

Play Download 01/25/2010 - Writers' Roundtable

What do you need know to raise a squirrel? Ron Block sits down with the author from the book "An acorn for Emily."

Play Download 11/23/2009 - Writer's Roundtable

Host Ron Block spoke with spoken word poet Sarah Kay who has performed on HBO's Def Poetry Jam. She shared with Ron some of her thoughts on writing and performing poetry on a national stage.

Play Download 10/26/2009 - Writers' Roundtable

Recording of a tribute to Denise Gess, professor and author, who passed away on August 22nd, 2009. The episode features tributes from colleagues, students, and friends.

Play Download 09/28/2009 - Writers' Roundtable

Students talk about creating and editing "Avant," Rowan's undergraduate literary magazine. Students read their poems and explain the ideas behind them.

Play Download 08/31/2009 - Writers' Roundtable

Host Ron Block sits down with the editors of 322 Review.

Play Download 06/22/2009 - Writers' Roundtable

Host Ron Block sits down with 3 writer's at different points in their careers. Justin Davis is an undergraduate at Rowan University and the head of "Avant" magazine on campus, Joan Hannah recently graduated with her major in writing and Amy Brown is a professor at Rowan University.

Play Download 04/27/2009 - Writers' Roundtable

As a part of the Harrah's Emerging Writers Series, Thaddeus Rutkowski joins host Ron Block to speak about his newest novel, Tetched, and about his writing in general

Play Download 03/23/2009 - Writers' Roundtable

Host Ron Block talks with Mimi Schwartz, a professor at Richard Stockton College. Mimi Schwartz is the author of 3 books on writing, including "Writing True: The Art and Craft of Creative Non-fiction," and multiple essays published in anthologies and magazines. She also talks about her new book "Good Neighbors, Bad Times: Echoes of My Father's German Village."

Play Download 01/26/2009 - Writers' Roundtable

Host Ron Block interviews editors and contributors to the student literary magazine.

Play Download 12/22/2008 - Writers' Roundtable

Host, Rowan University Professor, Ron Block sits down with Cheryl Grady Mercier and Ethel J. David, co-authors of "My lover the Rabbi, my husband the doctor: What more could a Jewish girl want?" Ethel talks about her life experiences, spanning 92 years. Also, Ethel and Cheryl discuss how they came to meet and write their book.

Play Download 11/24/2008 - Writers' Roundtable

Author and educator Barbara Solem-Stull joins host Ron Block to speak about her latest book, 'Ghost Towns and Other Quirky Places in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.' Loaded with easy-to-use maps and over 100 photographs and illustrations, the book provides driving directions and self-guided walking tours of many of the Pine Barrens most intriguing historic sites and ruins.

Play Download 09/22/2008 - Writers' Roundtable

Editor, publisher, musician, and writer Christine Weiser speaks with host Ron Block about her debut novel, Broad Street. The new book follows the adventures of a fictional, all girl rock group through the mid-nineties Philadelphia music scene.

Play Download 07/28/2008 - Writers' Roundtable

Robert Sans Jr, author of books documenting Glassboro & surrounding communities, shares information about his research. He speaks about the history of this area and how he procured the photographs, which reveal different times of these ever-changing towns.

Play Download 05/19/2008 - Writers' Roundtable

Host Ron Block spesaks with students involved with the latest Avant literary magazine. They discuss the creation of the most current issue and the students read various selections .

Play Download 04/28/2008 - Writers' Roundtable

Ron Block interviewed Sandra Dolby, this year's guest speaker for the Harrah's Emerging Writing Series, presented by the Department of Writing Arts.

Play Download 03/24/2008 - Writers' Roundtable

Rowan grads share their literary works and speak about their jobs and opportunities since earning a master's degree in the writing program.

Play Download 01/28/2008 - Writers' Roundtable

Ron Block interviews poet and monologist Doug Collura. Doug Collura is the author of 'Things I Can Fit My Whole Head Into', and he is an accomplished performer.

Play Download 10/22/2007 - Writers' Roundtable

Host Ron Block interviews Linda DiFeterici of Eadon's Place. They discuss the continuous internet radio broadcast of spoken word performances at Eadon's Place.

Play Download 09/24/2007 - Writers' Roundtable

Host and Rowan University professor, Ron Block is joined by the contributors, editors, and members of the creative magazine, Avant. Guests on the show include: Joel Frank, Alex Hacharek, Robert Press, and EJ Horacheck. The show features readings and discussion of works from the latest edition of Avant.

Play Download 03/26/2007 - Writers' Roundtable

Host Ron Block sat down with contributors and editors of Rowan University's Avant magazine. Guests include Nissa Lee, Angela Colligan, Anthony Belushio, and Jeffrey Hill. recited their work from the current issue.

Play Download 02/26/2007 - Writers' Roundtable

Nebraska poet Marjorie Saiser shares stories about how she wrote and created her poetry. Miss Saiser also shares her poetry with host Ron Block.

Play Download 10/20/2006 - Writers' Roundtable

Host Ron Block is joined by Eric Knight, a park ranger at the Edgar Allen Poe National Historic Site in Philadelphia, PA.

Play Download 09/24/2006 - Writers' Roundtable

In this edition of Writers' Roundtable, Creative Writing professor Ron Block discusses the upcoming Dodge Poetry Festival with Rowan English professor and poet William Freind. Perhaps the best known poetry festival in the country, the Dodge Poetry Festival will run from September 28 to October 1, 2006 at Waterloo Village in Stanhope, NJ. Today's program will feature clips from a previous interview with James Haba, retired Rowan Professor and the festival's director, as well as samples from the p

Play Download 08/28/2006 - Writers' Roundtable

In this edition of Writers' Roundtable, Creative Writing professor Ron Block interviews Greg Kosmicki, author of many books of poetry including his latest Some Hero of the Past.