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RSS Your Health Matters

Thursdays at 5:30 p.m., Dr. Craig Wax presents a weekly update on various medical topics.

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Play Download 06/25/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax is joined by Dr. Evan Alley, a medical oncologist from the University of Pennsylvania. The topic in this episode is immunotherapy in oncology, or specialized shots for cancer care. They discuss what immunotherapy is and its history, the results it has against cancer, and how the immune system works to fight cancer with this method.

Play Download 06/18/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax is joined by Dr. Michael Warner, a family physician from Ebensburg, Pennsylvania. The two discuss medical patient advocacy in the digital age. They talk about the changes the digital world brings, what more can be done for medical patient advocacy, and its influence on the bigger picture of the medical world.

Play Download 06/11/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax is joined by Dr. Cindy Bilicki-Nimz, a physical therapist at Heartland PT in Pitman, New Jersey. The two talk about spinning cycling and the health benefits that come with it. They also discuss the long history of the workout, new techniques being used, and getting more people to discover the alternative to outdoor cycling.

Play Download 06/04/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax is joined by Frank Mederos and Patti Sheehy. Mederos is a champion of freedom in Cuba and the hero of the books written by Sheehy, "The Boy Who Said No: An Escape To Freedom" and, the sequel, "Stalked: The Boy Who Said No." The three discuss socialized medicine in Cuba, the personal account of Mederos story, and how it all comes to light in Sheehy's books. They also talk about the idea and power behind the principles of freedom.

Play Download 05/28/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax is joined by Dr. Barry Sears, inventor of the Zone Diet and practicing out of Boston. The two discuss inflammation, what it is, why it's important, who it concerns, and ways to prevent it. They talk about Dr. Sears' Zone Diet and how inflammation has become more of a concern over the years.

Play Download 05/21/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Rituparna Basu, a writer and professional speaker who is an expert in health care. She is currently an analyst at the Ayn Rand Institute. Basu talks about individual rights and Medicare. She talks about the complexities of the system and the financial situation surrounding Medicare. They explore solutions on how the government can stop the trend in the rising cost of Medicare.

Play Download 05/14/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Jane Hughes, an opthamologist from San Antonio, Texas. The two talk about the freedom in medicine, the new laws surrounding health care, and getting back to the roots of simply working with patients without the intrusion of insurance, government, and third parties. Dr. Hughes helps break down all the complexities doctors face outside of the operating room and the money that is changing hands.

Play Download 04/30/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Michelle Teel, a breast cancer survivor, and Bernadette White, the outreach coordinator for Susan G. Komen Philadelphia. The three discuss the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Philadelphia. They also talk about life after breast cancer, its treatment, and increasing awareness.

Play Download 04/09/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with family physician, Dr. Robert Nelson from Cumming, Georgia about the economics of health care and why it is important. The two break down the health care system, discuss how health care has changed, and what people should be aware of.

Play Download 04/02/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. David Samadi, Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is also a medical reference for Fox News and has his own radio show. The two discuss the controversey surrounding men's health care and prostate exams; whether to screen or not to screen. They mention the parties involved and the need for a solution.

Play Download 03/26/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax is joined by Dr. Eddie Wu, an orthopedist of Premier Orthopedics. The two talk about total hip replacement and the different approaches used for a hip replacement procedure. Take a listen to find out more about one of medicine's modern miracles.

Play Download 03/19/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax is joined by Dr. Marion Mass to talk about organic gardening for kids. Dr. Mass explains how gardening can have a positive impact on children and their eating habits. Also, she covers a special gardening project by children in accordance with Relay For Life.

Play Download 03/12/2015 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax is joined by Roberto Ferdman of the Washington Post to talk about the sugar industry's influence on government policies. They discuss the history of the sugar industry and its impact on society. Also, the pair cover how much control the government should have over our health and ability to obtain information.

Play Download 03/05/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Marilyn Singleton from California. With a medical and juris docterate, Dr. Singleton talks with Dr. Wax about eugenics; improving the human race through the science of genetics. They discuss why eugenics is important, the ethics of it, and how it fits into today's society.

Play Download 02/26/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Ken Fisher, a medical doctor and a residency-trained nephrologist from Kalamazoo, Michigan. The two talk about the topic of legal steps towards Direct Primary Care, and some of the advantages of what they call DPC. Dr. Fisher explains what DPC is, how it is gaining momentum in the medical field, and how the legal system of DPC works.

Play Download 02/19/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Pam Wible once again, but, this time, to discuss physician suicide. They look at the pressures doctors face concerning patients, finances, and insurance that all add up to create massive amounts of stress and anxiety. They each share personal stories. Plus, they talk about finding ways to bring the issue into the spotlight.

Play Download 02/12/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax talks about new developments in vaccines. To help to discuss this topic, Dr. Wax brings in Dr. Allen Menkin, a pediatrician working out of Hackettstown, New Jersey. The two discuss the role of vaccines in society through the years, the future of vaccines, and much more!

Play Download 02/05/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Pam Wible, a pioneer in ideal medical practice. The two sit down to discuss Dr. Wible's long career and opinions about ideal medical practice. The show also looks in-depth about the best care for patients and the best care given by doctors.

Play Download 01/29/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Anthony Wunsh, President of Medical Pay Solutions. Wunsh works with doctors on managing revenue cycle. The two discuss the experience of visiting so many facilities, what it is like to speak before Congressional Representatives, and the new healthcare system.

Play Download 01/22/2015 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Neil Cheskis. Dr. Cheskis talks about dual diagnosis; a diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse. The two shine light on the myths and facts of the subject.

Play Download 01/15/2015 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax is joined by Barbara Duck, "medical quack" health care consultant and blogger, to cover the topic of medical data privacy. The duo discusses how your privileged medical data gets exposed to potential breaches. Also, Duck provides tips on how people can protect their medical data.

Play Download 12/18/2014 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Michael Strickland of internal medicine for adults from Cincinnati, Ohio. The topic in this episode is meaningful use, which has to do with electronic health records. The two discuss the push made by the government to digitize everyone's health information and potentially share it. They compare the pros and cons of this digital storage system.

Play Download 12/11/2014 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Benjamin Negin. He is a hematologist oncologist, or a doctor of blood cells and cancer. He operates out of Southern Hematology Oncology Associates. Dr. Negin shares with Dr. Wax how the fight against cancer continues, advanced methods that doctors are using to combat cancer, and much more.

Play Download 12/04/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Alisa LeSueur, co-founder of They talk about medical cost transparency. They go in-depth for what it means and why it is important for human empowerment. They also discuss healthcare shopping and how to handle it.

Play Download 11/20/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Richard Maung. He is the chief physical therapist and owner of Achieve PT in Vineland and Swedesboro. The two discuss the many issues regarding back pain and the ways to diagnois and treat it.

Play Download 11/13/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Texas filmmaker Colin Gunn in this episode. They discuss healthcare abroad and medical liberty. Gunn is the mind behind the film, "Wait Till It's Free." The film is an in-depth look at the way healthcare is handled in America. They discuss healthcare options around the world, solutions for America's healthcare controversy, and more.

Play Download 10/23/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dennis DeYoung, founding member of the band the Styx. They discuss chronic eye disease, the challenges DeYoung faced, and more. Plus, they talk about the history of the band and DeYoung's new projects.

Play Download 10/16/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Alieta Eck. The two discuss what the U.S. should do in preventing and repelling the Ebola virus.

Play Download 07/31/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dave Welsh. Dave Welsh is an avid runner and talks about how important the right running shoe is. He also talks about the minimalist movement when it comes to running shoes.

Play Download 07/24/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax sat down with Dr. Adarsh Gupta of the Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Gupta talks about stress eating. He explains that knowing the difference between physical and emotional hunger can decrease stress eating and how ones stress levels affect ones eating habits.

Play Download 07/17/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Michael Daugherty. Michael Daugherty is the CEO of Lab MD and is the author of The Devil Inside the Beltway: The Shocking Expose of the US Government's Surveillance and Overreach Into Cybersecurity, Medicine and Small Business. He talks about his experience with Government surveillance and how his fight inspired him to write his book.

Play Download 07/10/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Jim Anders. Jim Anders is a recovering alcoholic who talks about his personal experiences and how they inspired him to write the autobiographical fiction, All Drinking Aside.

Play Download 07/03/2014 - Your Health Matters

On this special episode of Your Health Matters, Dr. Craig Wax speaks with the lead vocalist, flautist and acoustic guitarist of British rock band Jethro Tull, Ian Scott Anderson. Ian Scott Anderson discusses his experience as a survivor of deep vein thrombosis and how it made him want to inform others about how important it is for them to stay up to date on their health.

Play Download 06/26/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax sat down with returning guest Dr. Jay Chaskes. Dr. Chaskes talks about how acquiring a disability doesnt end your life, using his own personal experiences as an example.

Play Download 06/19/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax sat down with Rowan Universitys Dr. Jay Chaskes. Dr. Chaskes and Dr. Wax discuss ADA regulations and reasonable ACC. The Americans with Disabilities Act seeks to guarantee access to public places and to prevent discrimination in both the work place and in public accommodations.

Play Download 06/12/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with General Surgeon Dr. Paul Ruggieri. Dr. Ruggieri talks about the education one must go through when they want to become a general surgeon. He is also the author of Confessions of a Surgeon, where he shares his personal experiences working in the medical field.

Play Download 06/05/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with cardiologist Dr. Stephen Weinberg. Dr. Weinberg explains what an ACO is and what the risks with ACO Medical Practices are.

Play Download 05/29/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Adarsh Gupta of the Center for Medical Weight Loss & Metabolic Control. Dr. Wax and Dr. Gupta discuss the dangers of belly fat and how ones waist circumference can affect their chances of heart disease. They also talk about the healthiest ways to reduce the size of fat cells in the body.

Play Download 05/22/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Carlisle Holand. Dr. Carlisle Holand discusses the uniqueness of Osteopathic Medicine and how he got into the field.

Play Download 05/01/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with anesthesiologist and medical director at the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, Dr. Keith Smith. Dr. Smith and Dr. Wax discuss the benefits of free market surgery and their hope for it to restore quality access and price to Healthcare.

Play Download 04/10/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Sigrid Fry-Revere. Dr. Sigrid Fry-Revere discusses organ donation and trafficking. She talks about the expenses that come into play with organ donors and how the process works. She also explains the concept of compensation and why wealthy people are normally involved with organ donation.

Play Download 03/20/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Paul Barierre of the band Little Feat. Paul speaks about his experience with Hepatitis C from the patients perspective and how he dealt with it in a time where there wasnt much information about it. He also gives a brief history of his time with the band, from when he joined in the early seventies to when they got back together in the eighties.

Play Download 03/13/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with English rock keyboard player and songwriter for the bands Yes and Asia, and formerly of The Buggles, Geoff Downes. Geoff talks about his life on tour and how he battles fatigue while on the road.

Play Download 03/06/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Rituparna Basu of the Ayn Rand Institute. Rituparna talks about what the Ayn Rand Institute is and what her job at the Institute as a Healthcare Policy Analyst entails. She also her belief that many of Ayn Rands ideas on objectivism can solve our problems with Healthcare today.

Play Download 02/27/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Gina Reghetti. Dr. Reghetti talks about the nationwide epidemic of opioid addiction. She lists the common prescription pain pills that opioids are found in and goes on to speak about how highly addictive they can be. She also goes into detail about different treatment options to help those addicted to opioids.

Play Download 02/20/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax sits down with Jeff and Daniel Rabinowitz of New Balance Shoes. Jeff and Daniel talk about what lead them to working in the athletic shoe field, specifically New Balance. They discuss the health importance of having the right shoe for your specific needs and how the wrong shoe can do damage to your body.

Play Download 01/23/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Nevena Damjanov. Dr. Damjanov explains the two types of esophageal cancers and how they affect the body. She also gives some ways to lesson ones chances of getting either esophageal cancers and the different ways of treating them.

Play Download 01/16/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax sits down with Dr. Neal Barnard. Dr. Barnard discusses with Dr. Wax the benefits of a vegetarian based diet. He also talks about vegetarian based diets in relation to history, with their origins dating back to prehistoric times.

Play Download 01/09/2014 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with the Director of ASH, Laurent Huber. Laurent explains that ASH stands for action on smoking and health and he talks about the tobacco epidemic on a global scale, along with ways to prevent and help stop it.

Play Download 12/26/2013 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks Dr. Steven Horvitz, the creator of the Institute for Medical Wellness. Dr. Horvitz talks about direct pay family medicine and how it is beneficial for his patients.

Play Download 12/19/2013 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Sergio Fazio of Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Dr. Fazio gives talks about lipids, specifically triglycerides. He talks about what they area and how they affect your body. He goes on to explain how the power of diet and exercise can fight against triglycerides.

Play Download 12/05/2013 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with family physician Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The topic of this weeks show is the Canadian healthcare crisis: gate keeping for whom. Dr. Fullerton and Dr. Wax discuss Canadas current healthcare system and the future of Americas.

Play Download 11/14/2013 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Christine Horner. Dr. Horner talks about how her mothers battle with breast cancer inspired her to go down the career path she has and mentions different natural ways to help cure and prevent breast cancer. She also discusses how ones diet can increase their chances of developing breast cancer at an early age.

Play Download 11/07/2013 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Ophthalmic Surgeon and Co-Founder of, Dr. Jane Hughes. Dr. Hughes and Dr. Wax, discuss the Affordable Care Act, and how it will affect everyone. Dr. Hughes also explains that it is possible for Doctors to maintain private practice while still honoring some insurance contracts.

Play Download 10/24/2013 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with personal fitness trainer and sports scientist Lisa Lynn. Lisa talks about how to tame the fatigue monster. She also talks about the transition from working with professional athletes to becoming a personal trainer for regular everyday people.

Play Download 10/17/2013 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with the president and CEO of the Pacific Research Institute Sally Pipes. Sally talks about how to achieve quality affordable health care and some simple steps to help achieve it.

Play Download 10/10/2013 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig M. Wax welcomes back the "Sole Survivor," himself, John Wetton, vocalist & bassist of Asia, UK & King Crimson. Today's episode of Your Health Matters is, "Surviving Rock Stardom." John Wetton talks about his music career spanning four decades and his health challenges as this "Phoenix," rose from the dust of deadly alcohol & cigarette addiction back to superstardom. John says he tells his story, "If I can help someone out, Ill gladly do it."

Play Download 09/12/2013 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with the lead singer and bass guitarist of Little River Band, Wayne Nelson. Wayne talks about how he maintains a healthy lifestyle while on tour and how important it is to stay hydrated not only for good health but for good vocals as well.

Play Download 09/05/2013 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with orthodontic specialist Dr. James Tenbrook. Dr. Tenbrook explains what the job of an orthodontist is and goes on to speak about what a patient would expect when going in for treatment at his office. Dr. Tenbrook also talks about how the advancement of technology has made having braces easier and virtually pain free for the wearer

Play Download 07/25/2013 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax spoke with founder and CEO of Direct Pay consulting, N. Scott Borden. Together, they talk about healthcare reform to revolution and some solutions to help people take control of their own healthcare dollars.

Play Download 07/11/2013 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax spoke with filmmaker Keith Ochwat, the creator of Age of Champions. Keith talks about the Senior Olympics and his documentary, Age of Champions, an award-winning documentary that follows the lives of five competitors who compete for gold at the National Senior Olympics.

Play Download 07/04/2013 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax spoke with ophthalmologist Dr. Kevin Greenidge of The Eye Institute of West Florida. Dr. Greenidge talks about new developments in glaucoma diagnosis and treatments.

Play Download 06/06/2013 - Your Health Matters

CFO of Cruzbike, Maria Parker joins host Dr. Craig Wax. Maria shares with us her personal experience with cancer and how it inspired her to join in the Race Across America to fight for her sisters life.

Play Download 05/23/2013 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax was joined by Dr. Ketan Mehta, a practicing physician who specializes in pulmonary and critical care medicine. Dr. Mehta discussed natural approaches to seasonal allergies. As one who suffered with allergies and sinusitis, Dr. Mehta found that nasal irrigation helped ease his symptoms. In 2000, he developed a safe and natural nasal irrigation system.

Play Download 05/16/2013 - Your Health Matters

Dr. David Shapiro, Center Director at The Brain Balance Center in Glassboro joined host Dr. Craig Wax to discuss a functional approach to neurodevelopmental disorders. After attending a seminar in Boston concerning the role of the brain in childhood developmental disorders, Dr. Shapiro was compelled to get certified in neurodevelopmental disorders. Dr. Shapiro explained the functional approach which includes multi-sensory therapies to help brain growth.

Play Download 05/09/2013 - Your Health Matters

Neurologist Dr. Melissa Nirenberg joined host Dr. Craig Wax to discuss medical safety issues when it comes to Parkinson's disease. Dr. Nirenberg explained who Parkinson's typically affects and proper medication use and how patients can even get withdrawal reactions from not taking their medication. Finally, Nirenberg gave tips on what those with Parkinson's and their families can do to ensure the best possible care.

Play Download 05/02/2013 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax spoke with John Tolhurst, the design directfor for Cruzbike, a bicycle research, design and development company in Australia to discuss the history and health concerned with recumbent bicycling. Tolhurst discussed the differences in his early recumbent bikes to today's Cruzbikes. Finally, he explained the anatomical benefits to riding a recumbent bicyicle.

Play Download 04/25/2013 - Your Health Matters

Sensei Preston Connors of Champion Martial Arts in Turnersville, NJ joined host Dr. Craig Wax to discuss the health benefits of mixed martial arts. Originally motivated into martial arts by his father who was a black belt, Connors has been training in various types of martial arts since 1994. With students in his classes as young as three and as old as 55, Connors discussed the health benefits of martial arts for students of any age.

Play Download 04/18/2013 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax spoke with Jack Glass, head of Environmental Health and Safety at Rowan University about environmental health. Glass discussed what environmental health is, why mold is not necessarily a problem and current issues in the environmental health world and how people's health is involved. Finally, Glass discussed optimal humidity levels in the home and offered websites for interested listeners to learn more about environmental health.

Play Download 03/28/2013 - Your Health Matters

Michelle Powell, Lydia DelRosso, Colleen Fossett and Maureen Brigham, founders of the Mullica Hill Women's Triathlon Club joined host Dr. Craig Wax to talk about the club, from its 2010 beginnings to where it is now. The women discussed personal goals as well as their histories with the sport. For more information on the club, visit

Play Download 03/21/2013 - Your Health Matters

Chris Bratton, attorney at Rothamel Bratton in Haddonfield, NJ spoke to host Dr. Craig Wax about elder health law, which includes wills, estates, trusts, asset protection, Medicaid planning and special needs planning. Bratton explained when the proper time for a person to look towards asset protection. Bratton also discussed the differences between an elder law attorney and general attorneys, divorce lawyers, etc.

Play Download 03/14/2013 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Dane Sheppard, an osteopathic physician in Chicago, jonied host Dr. Craig Wax to discuss the current issues involved in osteopastic medicine and the patient-physician relationship. Dr. Sheppard offered advice on how patients and physicans can ensure the highest level of patient care with ease.

Play Download 03/07/2013 - Your Health Matters

Host Craig Wax spoke with Dr. Paul Kempen, anesthesiologist from Cleveland, OH to discuss the regulatory capture of medicine and the difficulties medicine faces with government intervention.

Play Download 02/28/2013 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax spoke with Dr. Paul Kempen, anesthesiologist from Cleveland to discuss the past, present, and future of board certification for doctors. According to Dr. Kempen, only 25% of doctors in America are not board certified. Dr. Kempen mentioned the various continuing education options for doctors. Later, he discussed how patients aren't primarily concerned if their doctor is board certified.

Play Download 02/21/2013 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax spoke with Kenny Steil, triathlete and vegan about the vegan lifestyle and how to compete professionally through a plant-based diet. Steil shared his reasoning behind transforming his "traditional" diet to veganism. He later discussed the benefits of becoming a vegan and the endless possibilities when it comes to meals. To contact Steil, contact him via Twitter at @slowswimmer.

Play Download 02/07/2013 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax spoke with Dr. Carrie Panoff, an OB/GYN based out of upstate New York to discuss birth prevention and control and sexually transmitted infections. Dr. Panoff discussed various birth control methods from short-term methods to long-term methods and abstinence. Later Dr. Panoff and Dr. Wax discussed various methods for disease prevention.

Play Download 01/31/2013 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Douglas Harrington, trained in hematology and pathology and CEO of Aviir, Inc. joined host Dr. Craig Wax to discuss prevention of cardiovascular disease. Dr. Harrington discussed the increase in heart disease based on lifestyle choice. Although genetics play a part in cardiovascular disease, most of the cause of heart disease is lifestyle. Later, Dr. Harrington spoke about research he and his team has done at his lab. For more information, log onto

Play Download 12/06/2012 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Richard Amerling, a nephrologist who practices in New York City, joined host Dr. Craig Wax to discuss patients' rights against government medicine. Dr. Amerling urged patients to seek out physicians who take direct pay at negotiable and competitive rates. Later, Dr. Amerling shed light on how third party payment has lead to a decrease in privately practicing physicians.

Play Download 11/29/2012 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax spoke with Dr. Carlisle Holland, osteopathic physician about immune dysfunction and the practice of osteopathic medicine. Dr. Holland explained the definition of immune dysfunction and it's effects on the body. He also mentioned how doctors need to identify changes well before disease sets in.

Play Download 10/04/2012 - Your Health Matters

Rachel Becker, master social worker joined host Dr. Craig Wax to discuss reducing stress in the doctor's office and becoming an empowered patient. Becker talked about why some people may feel added stress when speaking to their doctor about medical issues. She also mentioned that everyone from patients to caregivers from all ages and education levels can experience stress when dealing with medical issues. Later, Becker stressed the importance of having options when it comes to their health.

Play Download 09/27/2012 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Ethan O. Bryson, an anesthesiologist at Mt. Sinai in New York and author of "Addicted Healers" joined host Dr. Craig Wax to discuss when medical professionals become addicted to drugs. Dr. Bryson mentioned the prevalence of drug addicted doctors and medical professionals as well as red flags patients should look out for to determine if their doctor may have a substance abuse problem. Later, Dr. Bryson mentioned the five key signs that may hint that your doctor may be drug impaired.

Play Download 09/13/2012 - Your Health Matters

Kathryn Serkes, co-founder and chairperson of Doctor Patient Medical Association and Patient Power Alliance joined host Dr. Craig Wax to discuss current difficulties in private medical practice. Serkes explained the downfalls of Patient Protection Affordable Care Act as well as difficulties that private physicians face. In addition, Serkes urged patients to become more involved with their health care. For more information, log onto

Play Download 08/30/2012 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Patricia Gerbarg, Assistant Clinical Professor in Psychiatry at New York Medical College, a private psychiatric doctor for 25 years and author of "The Healing Power of the Breath" joined host Dr. Craig Wax to discuss how she discovered the positive benefits of calmer breathing. Dr. Gerbarg also discussed how breath practices can turn on the body's natural healing capacities in order to reduce one's dependence on medication. Finally, Dr. Gerbarg gave tips on how people can calm their breath.

Play Download 08/23/2012 - Your Health Matters

Edith Namm, author, counselor and college professor, joined host Dr. Craig Wax to give tips to listeners to help put them in a positive mindset. Nam spoke about how she incorporates handwriting analysis into determining the brain's messages. Later, Nam explained the power of PEP: positive energy power.

Play Download 08/16/2012 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Edward J. Holland, Director of Cornea Services at Cincinnati Eye Institute and professor of ophthalmology at the University of Cincinnati joined host Dr. Craig Wax to discuss an update in cataract surgery. Dr. Holland explained what a cataract is, who gets them and they it affect your vision. Later, Dr. Holland compared older cataract removal procedures with current methods of surgery.

Play Download 07/26/2012 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Jennifer Wider, author and on-air personality on SiriusXM, joined host Dr. Craig Wax to talk about summer health tips. She expressed the importance of applying and additionally, properly applying sunscreen in order to prevent skin cancer. Later, she gave tips on how to avoid sickness during summer travel. Finally, Dr. Wider gave some suggestions for healthy summer eating.

Play Download 07/19/2012 - Your Health Matters

Stephen Blackman, owner of The Caffeinated Cyclist in Pitman, NJ joined host Dr. Craig Wax to talk about cycling. A low impact sport that applies to any age, Blackman talked about the physical and mental benefits of cycling. Later, he explained the different kinds of bikes and how they differ. Finally, he mentioned bicycle laws and how bikes are considered a vehicle on the road.

Play Download 07/12/2012 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax spoke with Melvin Allen, a principal in South Jersey, about living with and managing Crohn's disease, an inflammatory bowel disease. Allen shared the story behind his diagnosis as well as his reaction to dealing with a disease for the rest of his life. Allen explained the treatment he undergoes as well as his diet choices. Later, Allen talked about different symptoms involved with Chron's disease.

Play Download 07/05/2012 - Your Health Matters

Al Dragon, author of "Avalanche and Gorilla Jim," joined host Dr. Craig Wax to discuss hiking. Dragon, an established Philadelphia lawyer turned avid hiker, discussed his history with hiking: starting with his hiking the Appalachian Trail ten years ago. In addition, Dragon discussed the mental and physical benefits of hiking. But like other extreme activities, there also comes dangers. Dragon shared some trail stories and shared how he got his "trail name."

Play Download 06/28/2012 - Your Health Matters

Bob Braverman, American Cancer Society Bike-a-Thon Commitee Member and Jessica Backofen, Interim Regional Vice President for the American Cancer Society for South Jersey joined host Dr. Craig Wax to discuss the American Cancer Society and the 40th Annual Bike-A-Thon, taking place on July 8th. Backofen discussed the background of the ACS while Braverman talked about the logistics of the race, which starts on the Ben Franklin Bridge and ends in Buena, New Jersey. To register, log on to

Play Download 04/26/2012 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Michael Okun, neurologist and administrative director at the center for movement disorders at the University of Florida joined host Dr. Craig Wax to explain how the National Parkinson's Disease Foundation was started. The foundation was formed in order to bring care and research to the disease and there are now over 40 centers worldwide to bring research and science to improve care to Parkinson's patients.

Play Download 04/19/2012 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax spoke with Dr. Martin Levine, President of the American Osteopathic Association, about osteopathic physicians. Levine, who is one of many physicians in his family, followed in his father's footsteps to become the current president of the American Osteopathic Association. Dr. Levine spoke about the history of the AOA as well as the strengths of the association. For more information on osteopathic medicine, log onto

Play Download 03/15/2012 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax discussed medical referrals with Dr. Daniel Palestrant, founder of Sermo and CEO of Par8o. Dr. Palestrant, a surgeon in Massachusetts, explained the differences in modern-day medical referrals as compared to referrals without much government intervention. In addition, Palestrant talked about his new website, and how this new technology will change the world of medical referrals.

Play Download 03/08/2012 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax talked about the appropriate use of the emergency department with Dr. Scott Wagner, Chairman of Emergency Services at South Jersey Healthcare RMC Vineland, Elmer and Bridgeton. Dr. Wagner noted which symptoms or issues warrant coming to the emergency room: chest pain, stroke symptoms, broken bones, terrible headache, high fever and others. In addition, outlined the evolution of the modern emergency room and the differences between various emergency rooms.

Play Download 03/01/2012 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax discussed current healthcare trends with Dr. Daniel Palestrant, founder of Sermo and CEO of Par8o. Dr. Palestrant, a surgeon in Massachusetts, founded a free-online community where physicians could discuss topics and further improve patient care--Sermo. In addition, Palestrant talked about today's healthcare system and where he believes healthcare is going in America. Finally, Dr. Palestrant mentioned the changing definition of medical referrals and his new website,

Play Download 02/16/2012 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax sat down with Dr. Noel Martins, a local gastroenterologist, to discuss endoscopic ultrasound. Martins described the study of gastroenterology which includes the examination of the esophagus, the mouth, stomach, the intestines and rectum. Dr. Martins mentioned the most common complaint among patients as well as common procedures he performs. For more information about gastroenterology, log onto

Play Download 02/09/2012 - Your Health Matters

Osteopathic medicine, which is a medical practice that uses all the common forms of medicine to heal injuries as well as hands-on diagnosis and treatment through a system of therapy known as osteopathic manipulative medicine. Dr. Daniel Lopez from Osteopathy New York joined host Dr. Craig Wax to talk about this type of medicine and treatment. He discussed the minor differences between medical doctors and osteopathic doctors. Also, Dr. Lopez mentioned principles he uses to treat patients.

Play Download 02/02/2012 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Marla Deibler, psychologist and director of Center for Emotional Wellness of Greater Philadelphia joined host Dr. Craig Wax for a discussion of trichotillomania, the compulsive urge to pull one's hair. To be considered a trichotillomania sufferer, there must be a significant amount of hair-pulling that causes the person a substantial amount of distress, said Deibler. Trichotillomania occurs in two to five percent of the overall population. More information can be found at

Play Download 01/26/2012 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Marla Deibler, psychologist and director of Center for Emotional Wellness of Greater Philadelphia joined host Dr. Craig Wax to discuss hoarding. Deibler mentioned the first mentions of compulsive hoarding as well as the most common age range for hoarders. In addition, she mentioned cognitive behavioral therapy--a way to help hoarders change their behavior. Finally, Dr. Deibler explained why people hoard.

Play Download 01/19/2012 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Jane Orient of AAPS joined host Dr. Craig Wax to discuss the patient-physician relationship. Dr. Orient outlined the main points in the patient-physician relationship: work for the good of the patient, do no harm and the patient-physician relationship is subservient to no one. In addition, insurance and government intrusions in medicine were explained. Dr. Orient suggested patients make a transition to self-paying patients. More information can be found at

Play Download 01/12/2012 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax talked with Mitzi Dulan, a registered dietitian and nutritionist about New Year's food resolutions. Dulan suggested that the New Year is the perfect time to re-commit to your health. She also suggested some small changes that we can implement--from diet changes to sleep habits--that can help us lose weight. More information can be found at

Play Download 01/05/2012 - Your Health Matters

Host, Dr. Craig Wax sat down with Dr. Stephen Brown to discuss gum disease, or gingivitis. Dr. Brown mentioned other diseases linked to gingivitis such as cardiovascular disease. Dr. Brown also outlined the symptoms of gingivitis. Finally, new types of surgery were described.

Play Download 12/15/2011 - Your Health Matters

Dianne Shaw, deputy director of communications at University of North Carolina's Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center joined host Dr. Craig Wax for a discussion on orphan diseases--diseases that do not have a lot of treatment options or information available. Shaw discusses the issues of dealing with such a complex disease such as vasculitis, a disease that inflames the blood vessels. She mentions that there are twelve different kinds of vasculitis that affect all parts of the human body.

Play Download 12/08/2011 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Ashlesha Patel joined Dr. Craig Wax this week. Patel discussed unintended pregnancy and intrauterine devices. Different methods of birth control and family planning were explained. Pros and cons of each method were outlined as well as myths debunked.

Play Download 12/01/2011 - Your Health Matters

Sarah D. Wright of the ADHD Coaches Organization joined Dr. Craig Wax for a discussion of ADHD and life coaching. Wright mentioned the growth in the personal coaching field. She explained what it takes to become a personal coach as well as the benefits for someone with ADHD to have a coach.

Play Download 10/27/2011 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Fred Vagnini, author of "Overcoming Metabolic Syndrome," was once a surgeon, but now he specializes in preventative care, nutrition and cardiovascular care. He joined host Dr. Craig Wax to discuss metabolic syndrome, also known as "The Deadly Four." He outlines the connections between diabetes, heart diseases, western lifestyles and genetics and how they form this syndrome.

Play Download 10/06/2011 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Harish Kakkilaya joined host Dr. Craig Wax to talk about bariatric surgery, or commonly known as gastric-bypass surgery. The high obesity rate in the United States and how body mass index determines a person's obesity is discussed.

Play Download 09/22/2011 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax talks with Dr. Stephen Goldfine, the chief medical officer and physician at Samaritan Healthcare and Hospice in Marlton. They discuss paleative care--a fairly new and emerging medical field.

Play Download 08/18/2011 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Gordon Brown returns to talk with Dr. Wax about the treatment of prostate cancer and other urological cancers.

Play Download 08/11/2011 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax sat down with Dr. Gordon Brown to talk about urological cancers. They discussed signs and symptoms of urological cancers as well as the risk factors and what steps are taken to reach a diagnosis.

Play Download 07/21/2011 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Wax sits down with Dr. Stephen Schleicer to talk about Psoriasis. They discuss who it affects and the importance for people with Psoriasis to work with a dermatologist to consider newer advancements to help manage their disease

Play Download 07/14/2011 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Merle Diamond of the Diamond Headache Clinic talked about headaches and why they plague certain age groups with host Dr. Craig Wax. Also, she offered information on different types of headaches and ways to counteract them.

Play Download 05/26/2011 - Your Health Matters

Family physician and host Dr. Craig Wax spoke with dermatologist Dr. Karen Harkaway about how to take care of your skin. The two discuss new developments important to the skin youre in from vitamins, Acutane, and UV damage.

Play Download 05/19/2011 - Your Health Matters

Family physician and host Dr. Craig Wax spoke with Gastroenterologist Dr. Michael Crynus about colon health. The two discuss obesity, colon cancer, and ways to scan and prevent colon disease.

Play Download 05/12/2011 - Your Health Matters

Family physician and host Dr. Craig Wax spoke with Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, who is a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and specializes in the treatment of ADD/ADHD. She defines the disorder, misunderstandings, and best ways to treat it.

Play Download 05/05/2011 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax is joined by Dr. Barry Sears, the creator of the zone diet. They talk about dieting and staying healthy through eating right and exercising.

Play Download 04/28/2011 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Michele Evans about infertility. They discuss the formal definition of the word and what should be done if you are having trouble getting pregnant.

Play Download 04/14/2011 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Tracy Danielson Mitchell about fitness for brides. They discuss focusing on staying healthy instead of just striving to lose weight.

Play Download 02/24/2011 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax explores the topic of finding love with hypnotherapist Arthur Cronos. They talk about the right and wrong ways to go about discovering your soulmate.

Play Download 02/17/2011 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with medical writer, Dr. Randi Hutter Epstein, about the topic of childbirth through the years. They discuss the evolution of childbirth and the many ways that it can be handled.

Play Download 01/06/2011 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax talks to Tanya Abreu, President and National Director for Spirit of Women about tips for women's health.

Play Download 12/30/2010 - Your Health Matters

Family physician and host Dr. Craig Wax spoke with Maria Emmanuel Ryan about dental hygiene for diabetics. They discussed how diabetes could make people susceptible to cavities, sensitivity and gingivitis.

Play Download 12/16/2010 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax is joined by guest Dr. Hal Urschel who talks about addictions during the holidays. He explains who addiction can affect and how the attraction can become heightened during the holiday season.

Play Download 12/09/2010 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Rich Weiss talks to host Dr. Craig Wax about cardiovascular prevention. He stresses the importance of getting up and moving around to keep your heart healthy.

Play Download 12/02/2010 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax talks with Karen Giblin, President and Founder of the Red Hot Mamas, about the ins and outs of menopause. She strives to teach women about the symptoms of menopause, especially insomnia.

Play Download 10/14/2010 - Your Health Matters

Sean Foy discusses the importance of diet and excercise for children. Sean talks about his program that promotes children and their parents to help children eat healthy as well as excercise daily.

Play Download 10/07/2010 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Little and Dr. Patell discuss the importance of Radiology and Imaging for both males and females. They give information on why people need imaging and the different types of tests they perform.

Play Download 09/09/2010 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax sits down with gastroenterologist Dr. Vince McLaughlin as they talk about the severity of the problems dealing with diarrhea and colitis, among other GI issues.

Play Download 09/02/2010 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax talks with Orthodontist Dr. Scott Silver about TMJ, a syndrome that affects the lower jaw. There is limited knowledge on the syndrome, which Dr. Silver has begun to research more.

Play Download 08/26/2010 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax and Chef Karen McGinn discuss the importance of school lunches for students and ways to make lunches more healthy.

Play Download 08/19/2010 - Your Health Matters

Guest Seth Ginsberg and Host Dr. Craig Wax talk about the good and bad factors of medical marijuana. As a patient, Seth gives his personal take, as well as scientific statistics.

Play Download 08/12/2010 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax talks with Lisa Valentino about her old lifestyle and her battle with food. Valentino reveals how was she able to turn her battle around for the better, losing 180 pounds in the process.

Play Download 08/05/2010 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax talks with Dr. Harold Urschel about the different types of drugs: stimulants, tranquilizers and opiates. Urschel also talks about who suffers from this kind of addiction and the ways to treat it.

Play Download 07/29/2010 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax and guest Dr. Susanne Cohen discuss halitosis, also known as bad breath. Cohen talks about who suffers from chronic halitosis and what causes it. Also, Cohen debunks bad breath myths.

Play Download 07/15/2010 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax talks with Dr. Dorree Lynn about sex and health, with a focus on sex after age 50, STDs in nursing homes, female condoms and the biggest sexual organ.

Play Download 07/08/2010 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax sits down with Bill Dougherty and Charlotte Andrews about youth substance abuse. Among the topics are prevention, treatment, recovery and local resources.

Play Download 07/01/2010 - Your Health Matters

Rosalie Jacobs and host Dr. Craig Wax talk about Jacobs' support group for siblings dealing with a brother or sister with special needs. Jacobs talks about ways to make the siblings feel comfortable in their unique situation.

Play Download 06/17/2010 - Your Health Matters

Guest Steven Levine discusses his research on technology safety. The discussion includes the topics of texting and using a cell phone while driving or walking, and listening to MP3 players while biking, walking and running.

Play Download 06/10/2010 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax discusses with Thelma King Thiel the importance of the liver and its functions, threats and health maintenance. Also, the two talk about different forms of hepatitis and ways to prevent from contracting the disease.

Play Download 06/03/2010 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax discusses hypnosis with guest Todd Stofka, noted hypnotherapist who founded Philly Hypnosis Centers. Stofka details the body's process during hypnosis, as well as its effects on the body.

Play Download 04/22/2010 - Your Health Matters

Speaking about what women want, Tanya Abreu joins host Dr. Craig Wax this week. She works to help hospitals and doctors understand what women want from their healthcare, and she shares what she has found.

Play Download 04/15/2010 - Your Health Matters

Guest Dr. Madelyn Fernstrom talks about building a diet and nutrition toolbox. If you make a habit of being healthy it will be easy to stay fit.

Play Download 03/25/2010 - Your Health Matters

Paul Dziewisz discusses personal training and exercising to stay healthy. He addresses how to become motivated to stay fit and how to strive to move a little bit more every day.

Play Download 03/18/2010 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax talks with Dr. Mary Ann Burg who gives insight about the challenges of cancer and how a social worker can help a patient get through the stages of treatment.

Play Download 03/11/2010 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax talks with guest Natalie Knochenhauer about ADHD, a neurological disorder. She discusses the effects that it can have on individuals and families. They also talk about building empowered communities with ADHD.

Play Download 03/04/2010 - Your Health Matters

Guest Dr. Jeremiah Murillo talks about the problem that MRSA has become and how it has moved out of the hospital and into the communities. He also explains how it can be treated and what antibiotics to use.

Play Download 02/11/2010 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax talks with Dr. Nora Sandorfi about rheumatoid arthritis, who it affects and what it does to the body. She explains what will happen when a patient is diagnosed and how to cope with it.

Play Download 02/04/2010 - Your Health Matters

Learn how to battle the winter blues. What can you do about it? Host Dr. Craig Wax talks about what you can do to help you during the cold winter months.

Play Download 12/10/2009 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Gerald Naccarelli, chief of medicine at Penn State University, explains atrial fibrillation, which is when your heart does not beat correctly. He tells us how common it is and how to remedy it.

Play Download 12/03/2009 - Your Health Matters

Guest Alyson Schafer, author of "Honey I Wrecked the Kids," discusses the discipline resistant child. She urges that children need to have responsibilities, but they also need to be treated with respect.

Play Download 11/19/2009 - Your Health Matters

Special Guest Dr. Weinberg talks about the A,B,C,D,E's of skin change evaluation and stresses the importance of checking out your skin for the development of serious conditions such as skin cancer and melanoma.

Play Download 11/12/2009 - Your Heath Matters

Special guest Dr. Harry Phisch stops by to teach an important lesson in the history and importance of testosterone, the hormone in our bodies that gets us feeling active and fuels our sex drive.

Play Download 11/05/2009 - Your Health Matters

Robert Adams is the guest of this edition of "Your Health Matters." He discusses types of home exercise and the benefits of daily exercise. He emphasizes the need for everyone to have his or her own exercise plan.

Play Download 10/07/2009 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax discusses inflammation with Dr. Duke Johnson.

Play Download 09/17/2009 - Your Health Matters

Guest Jeff Slocum discusses the sandwich generation, responsible for taking care of their children and elderly family members. He talks about how to deal with the stresses of caring for "old and new" family members.

Play Download 09/10/2009 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax talks to guest Frank Hodell about the science of probiotics. He explains that everyone can benefit form the use of probiotics.

Play Download 07/13/2009 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax discusses tips on how to cope with stress at work and home.

Play Download 07/13/2009 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax discusses various sleeping disorders, including sleep apnea.

Play Download 06/25/2009 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax talked to Dr. Susanne Cohen about halitosis or as it is commonly known as, bad breath. Causes of halitosis are covered along with various treatments, including mouthwash options, that might help solve the problem.

Play Download 06/18/2009 - Your Health Matters

Christina Stasiuk from the March of Dimes talked about pertussis and whooping cough. She explained how people contract the ailment and ways to be protected from it. Not only does pertussis affect children but also adults because of its contagious nature.

Play Download 06/11/2009 - Your Health Matters

Paula Susan discussed ways stress can greatly impact the lives of people. She provided host Dr. Craig Wax with details on how relationships can be compromised due to stress. Also, the economy's current state impact on relationships was also covered.

Play Download 06/04/2009 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Daniel Arkfeld, an associate professor of clinical medicine at USC, stopped by the program to share information about rheumatoid arthritis. The symptoms and forms of treatment for the ailment are explained. Also, Dr. Arkfeld tells listeners where they can find more information about rheumatoid arthritis.

Play Download 05/28/2009 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Jan Engle talked about seasonal allergies and why people should take them seriously. She described allergy symptoms and how they can impact your everyday life if not treated. Over the counter medications to prevent allergies were also included in the discussion.

Play Download 05/21/2009 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Arthur Sanders, a professor at the University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center, discussed CPR with host Dr. Craig Wax. The program dealt with cardiac arrest and how to deal with the situation when it occurs. Dr. Sanders talked about the issues faced by the victim of a cardiac arrest as it relates to resuscitation.

Play Download 05/14/2009 - Your Health Matters

Local physician Dr. Craig Wax discusses Osteoarthritis and knee replacements.

Play Download 05/07/2009 - Your Health Matters

Elaine Grobman talked about the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and how the foundation began. Each May, the Race for the Cure takes place in Philadelphia and Grobman explained why the event holds so much importance. She also provides information on what to expect at this year's Race for the Cure.

Play Download 04/08/2009 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax poses questions to his guest Althea Zanecosky, a registered dietitian about who should be eating breakfast and why its important to do so. As a society we must make time to eat breakfast, there is no reason it should be neglected.

Play Download 03/19/2009 - Your Health Matters

The guest was psychologist Dr. Judith Beck, she talked about a form of therapy to help people who have trouble dieting. She suggests how people can stay on track with diets and why people struggle with them.

Play Download 03/05/2009 - Your Health Matters

Peggy Nu, president of Healthy Monday, and Mike Hernandez, the community outreach manager at Columbia University, discussed the Great American Smokeout and Stay Quit Monday programs that promote smoking prevention. The pair explain how those programs came about and why quitting smoking is such a difficult process.

Play Download 02/19/2009 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with LaVarne Burton, who is the president and chief executive officer of the American Kidney Fund. The American Kidney Fund is the nation's number one source of direct financial assistance to kidney patients. LaVarne speaks about how to keep you kidneys healthy and free of disease.

Play Download 02/05/2009 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax spoke with Dr. Jeffrey Lackner about irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The two discussed the different types of IBS and ways to treat it. Also, they delved into why medications have failed to help those suffering from the ailment.

Play Download 01/29/2009 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Marianne Frieri stopped by to discuss all things allergies and asthma related. She offered tips on how to prevent allergy and asthma problems at home. Also, Frieri detailed her background and why homes encounter these problems.

Play Download 01/15/2009 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Wax spoke with Dr. Jan Z. Olsen about teaching children how to write correctly through occupational therapy. Dr. Olsen expressed her views on how to improve children's handwriting. She also discussed her background and explained what occupational therapy is all about.

Play Download 01/08/2009 - Your Health Matters

Randi Kreger offered her personal experiences regarding borderline personality disorder. As someone who lived with a person who suffered from BDP, Kreger talked about the mental illness and how to overcome it. Kreger offered keys to beating the disorder as well.

Play Download 12/18/2008 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Wax spoke with Dr. Sue Cooper about the topic of eating disorders. Dr. Cooper explained her background, who is at risk for eating disorders, and some of the youngest cases involving this troubling issue. Also, Cooper detailed the types of eating disorders that affect the public.

Play Download 12/11/2008 - Your Health Matters

Whether babies are born close to or far from the 40 week mark, they can experience serious health problems. Dr. Dennery speaks about how those expecting can stay on track for a healthy pregnancy and also when it comes to treating a preemie baby.

Play Download 10/02/2008 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax and Amelia Combs covered the topic of breast cancer. Combs details ways women can prevent breast cancer by adjusting their normal day to day activities. She also provides tips on how to find out more about this deadly disease.

Play Download 09/25/2008 - Your Health Matters

Dr. William Boss stopped in to talk about plastic surgery procedures with host Dr. Craig Wax. The pair discussed why people would want or need facial plastic surgery. Also, Dr. Boss covers ways to decrease winkles, as well as other plastic surgery techniques.

Play Download 09/18/2008 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax talks to Dr. Nitin Chhoda regarding exercise and weight loss. They discuss ways listeners can get back into shape, and inform listeners how they can grab control of their lives.

Play Download 09/04/2008 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Michael Ero about different approaches regarding hypertension. Topics discussed include foods, diets, habits, and exercises that can cause and/or improve hypertension.

Play Download 07/03/2008 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Carol Lavoti, an OB/GYN and author of multiple books, including Vaginas: An Owner's Manual. They discuss issues related to menstruation, its effect on women's lives, and ways of dealing with it.

Play Download 06/26/2008 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax talks to Jeff Slocum, Registered Nurse and Regional Director for Atrias Health System. They discuss what the sandwich generation is, and how this group deals with providing care.

Play Download 06/19/2008 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Eric Schenkel, Director of the Valley Clinical Research Center in Easton, Pennsylvania. They discuss the current allergy season, what causes allergies and how to treat them.

Play Download 06/12/2008 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Andrew Lasher, Director of Palliative Medicine at California Medical Center and coauthor of "The End of Life Handbook". They discuss the decision making process in reference to end of life care.

Play Download 06/05/2008 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Reynold Panettieri, Director of the Airways Biology Initiative at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center. They discuss asthma, and explain what chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is. They discuss the disease's causes and how it can be treated.

Play Download 05/29/2008 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Benjamin Natelson, a neurologist and author of "Your Symptoms are Real". They discuss the diagnosis and symptoms of extreme fatigue, and inform listeners on how it can be treated.

Play Download 05/22/2008 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Jack Kanoff, Pulmonologist for South Jersey Chest Disease. They give a brief history of sleep apnea, some of the causes, complications involved with the disorder, and inform listeners what they can do to care for sleep apnea.

Play Download 05/15/2008 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Chapunoff, non-evasive cardiologist from South Florida, about his new book "Heart Disease and Sex." They discuss the ways inwhich the heart has an effect on your sexual activity.

Play Download 04/24/2008 - Your Health Matters

Family Physician from Sacramento, California Dr. Davis Liu talks about his background, and the controversies surrounding health care insurance as well as health care spending with your host, Dr. Craig Wax.

Play Download 03/13/2008 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Lynn Laboranti, an education specialist with Pharmavite LLC. They discuss supplements and their effects, as well as the benefits of living prescription-medication-free.

Play Download 03/06/2008 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. David Macintosh, instructor at the Howard School of Public Health, to inform listeners about the dangerous things that are in our air and what filters can do to protect us.

Play Download 02/14/2008 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Eliot Brinton. They discuss cholesterol, who it affects , its effects on the body, and medication used to manage it. They also discuss the emerging field of Lipidology.

Play Download 02/07/2008 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Dr. Andre Garabedian, Medical Director of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center in King of Prussia. They discuss Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and its causes, effects, means for prevention and treatments.

Play Download 01/31/2008 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax interviews Dr. Darron Brown, MD, a specialist in infectious disease at Indiana University. They discuss the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and its causes, effects and possible treatment plans.

Play Download 01/03/2008 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax interviews doctor of pharmacy and past president of the American Pharmacists Association, Dr. Jan Engle. They discuss over the counter medications and the health hazards associated with overuse of the medications.

Play Download 12/20/2007 - Your Health Matters

Host Dr. Craig Wax interviews Dr. Marjorie Slankar, allergist and clinical professor of medicine at Colombia University on winter allergies. Dr. Slankar offered her educational background and discussed allergens and medications.

Play Download 11/30/2007 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax interviews ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Jordan Josephson about snoring and sleep apnea. Dr. Josephson discusses the symptoms, risks, and offers solutions to these problems.

Play Download 11/02/2007 - Your Health Matters

An interview with obstetrician gynecologist Dr. Emily DeFranco regarding premature labor. DeFranco discussed high risk pregnancies, premature labor, interventions to reduce preterm labor, and provided background on her education.

Play Download 08/30/2007 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Tobi Zausner shared her inspirational story with Dr. Craig Wax. Zausner suffered from ovarian cancer and survived. She chronicled her background and how she battled back from early childhood diseases.

Play Download 08/16/2007 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Hassan Salah discussed the topic of ADD & learning disorders. Salah, the chair of pediatrics at South Jersey Health Care, talked about when to start looking for symptoms of ADD as well as other learning disorders.

Play Download 08/09/2007 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Pierce Scranton of the University of Washington provided tips for getting care at teaching hospitals. He explained the process of a teaching school, and what type of treatments patients can expect.

Play Download 08/02/2007 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Robert Norris, a cardiologist at the University of Pennsylvania, covered the topic of lipids. He also discussed health habits which can to prevent heart problems, as well as the difference between good and bad cholesterol.

Play Download 07/26/2007 - Your Health Matters

Dr. David Greenwald, medical oncologist from Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania, and his patient, "Rhett", talked about how to handle medication dilemmas. "Rhett" shared his background, experiences, how an illness greatly impacted his life, and how to deal with medication dilemmas.

Play Download 06/07/2007 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher covered the topic of doctor-patient communication. She offered tips to improve the relationship, tips on successful, thorough communication, and also provided information on her background.

Play Download 05/31/2007 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax interviewed Dr. William Dicindio of South Jersey Healthcare about emergency medicine. The pair discussed how people should handle trips to the emergency room. Information on what to expect in the ER and what to bring with you was covered during the program.

Play Download 05/24/2007 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax interviews Dr. Eric Kaplan about botox. They talk about the risks and side effects involved with these procedures. Kaplan also discusses the shock of his temporary paralysis from botox.

Play Download 05/17/2007 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Craig Wax spoke with Dr. Steve Levy regarding the electrical problems with the heart. Levy provided information on his background, and discussed the treatments the heart can receive.

Play Download 05/10/2007 - Your Health Matters

Dr. Leon Kavaler discussed colon cancer prevention and screening with host Dr. Craig Wax. Kavaler, a New York physician, detailed the problems involved with colon cancer, the screening tests and the risks involved with this potentially deadly disease.