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Tuition Rates and Fees

All tuition rates and fees are subject to change without notice to individual students.i

Per-Credit Hour Undergraduate Rate
Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

Any matriculated undergraduate student who registers for fewer than 12 semester hours of credit will be subject to the per credit rate.

New Jersey Resident
Undergraduate Tuition
$355.00 S.H.
$669.00 S.H.
$154.00 S.H.
$154.00 S.H.
$147.90 S.H.
$147.90 S.H.

*Matriculated undergraduate student rate.
**Rate for all other students.

Full-Time Undergraduate Rate
Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

Any matriculated undergraduate student who registers for between 12 and 17 semester hours will be subject to the flat tuition rate. Should the number of semester hours exceed the flat tuition rate, a per credit hour increase shall apply (as noted in table above); however, fees will NOT increase.

New Jersey Resident
Undergraduate Tuition (between 12 and 17 S.H.) $4,628.00 $8,685.00
University Fee* $1,804.00 $1,804.00


Please go to http://www.rowanu.com/tuition for undergraduate and graduate courses offered through the Global Learning & Partnership.

The following link applies to courses offered through the Office of Winter and Summer Sessions:

Office of Winter & Summer Sessions Tuition Rate & Fees


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Additional Fees
Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

Engineering Students:
Full-time engineering students will be charged a $250.00 per semester Engineering Differential Fee.

Part-time engineering students will be charged a $20.00 per credit hour Engineering Differential Fee.

Education Students:
Full-time education students will be charged a $50.00 per semester Educational Field Experience Fee.

Matriculated Undergraduate Students:
Matriculated undergraduate students will be charged additional tuition per credit hour for hours in excess of 17 credit hours.

Audit Course Fee - Same as tuition per semester hour.

Rowan ID Fee - Every Rowan student is assessed this one-time $10 fee.

Parking Permit - All parking permits must be purchased on the WEB at http://www.thepermitstore.com. Have your Rowan ID, vehicle information and payment method available.

Insurance Fee - All full-time matriculated students are charged for health insurance.  If you have personal coverage, students may waive this fee by logging into Banner Student Self-Service and completing the health insurance waiver form.


Room Rates Per Semester:
Residence Hall (triple)
Residence Hall (double)
Residence Hall (single)
Triad Apartments (with AC)
Triad Apartments (no AC)
Edgewood Apartments (triple)
Edgewood Apartments (double)
International House (triple)
International House (single/double)
The Townhouse Complex
The Rowan Boulevard Complex
Whitney Center
220 Rowan Boulevard

* A Meal Plan is required for all residence hall students.

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Summer 2016 Tuition & Fee Chart

The rates in the chart are for all Rowan Summer 2016 courses, except for Letter Sections. Letter Sections are either accelerated and/or offered in an alternative mode of delivery such as off-site, online, or hybrid, and appear in the Section Tally (http://banner.rowan.edu/auth_reports/reports.pl?task=Section_Tally_CGCE ) with a letter listed after the section number in the section column. These sections are administered by the Division of Rowan Global Learning & Partnerships (formerly CGCE). The costs for Letter Sections (other than the special "S" sections listed below) can be found at http://www.rowanu.com/tuition.

Course Level

per SH

per SH

per SH
Undergraduate face-to-face courses
This does not apply to all Post-bac courses.
Traditional-format Undergraduate face-to-face Post-bac Courses
(Click here for Extension/online Post-bac rates.)
Undergraduate S-Sections
(100% online with an “S” letter appearing after the section number in the Section Tally)
(tuition & fees are not calculated separately for online courses)
These courses are offered at a 10% discount off of the traditional-format fall/spring undergraduate face-to-face, per-credit rate. (Since it is attached to the course itself, it will not appear on your account showing as a discount; the rate you are charged is the discounted rate.)
Traditional-format Graduate face-to-face Courses (not including College of Business)
(Click here for graduate Extension/online rates.)
Traditional-format Graduate face-to-face Courses from the College of Business
(Click here for College of Business Extension/online rates.)
Graduate S-Sections (100% online with an “S” letter appearing after the section number in the Section Tally)
(tuition & fees are not calculated separately for online courses)
Please note, graduate-level “S” sections, are rare and offered only when there is a compelling student need for the additional, stand-alone section of the course. Costs vary, as they are related to the Extension programs in which the course is housed. Exact costs will be attached to the course and can be found by clicking through the CRN on the Section Tally. (Please note also that these courses are not offered at a 10% discount.)
Doctoral courses
(All doctoral courses for Summer 2016 are Letter Sections. Click here for rates.)

SH = Semester Hour/Credit Hour

About Summer 2016 Tuition & Fees:

  • Summer 2016 tuition and fees are charged by the semester hours (SH) of credit according to matriculation level for matriculated students and by course level for non-matriculated students.
  • Flat rates do not apply in the summer.
  • There are no separate rates for out-of-state students in the summer.
  • Matriculated Undergraduate Students - Maximum of two courses per session. Students pay undergraduate tuition and fees for all courses.
  • Non-matriculated Students - Maximum of two courses per session. All non-matriculated students will be charged at the course level.^^
  • Matriculated Graduate Students - Pay graduate tuition and fees for all courses.
  • Matriculated Doctoral Students - Pay doctoral tuition and fees for all courses.

^^Students enrolled in Letter Sections (those with a letter after the section number) pay the costs assigned to the course regardless of matriculation status. Costs for Letter Sections can be viewed by locating the course on the Section Tally and clicking on the CRN (the number all the way to the left) or checking Undergraduate Tuition / Graduate Tuition.

Other Summer 2016 Fees

Audit Course Fee (per credit) same as tuition
Parking Decal Fee*** $50.00 (available May 10th)
Late Registration Fee TBD
Late Payment Fee $25.00
Rowan ID Fee**** $10.00
Replacement ID Fee $25.00

***Parking Permit - All parking permits must be purchased on the WEB at http://www.thepermitstore.com. Have your Rowan ID, vehicle information and payment method available.
****Rowan ID Fee - Every NEW Rowan student is assessed this one-time $10 fee.

Summer 2016 Payment Information

  • February 22, 2016: Summer 2016 Registration opens for ALL students, and students may view their bills on their Self Service account and begin payment, tentatively, as of March 09, 2016.
  • (Tent.) March 9, 2016: Summer 2016 online accounts/bills are ready to view and payment for Summer 2016 is available.
  • April 15, 2016: Summer 2016 Registration Incentive Deadline (Click here for a list of Summer 2016 Incentives.)
  • April 22, 2016: Summer 2016 Payment Deadline (This is the due date for registration performed on or before 04.22.16.)
  • AFTER April 22, 2016: Payment for registration made after April 22, 2016 is due at the time of registration.


It is the student's responsibility to check and pay their account on Self Service (http://www.rowan.edu/selfservice) by the due date.

Pay for your courses:

  • Every time you register for a course, a charge is generated and placed on your account. Remember, your online account is your official bill and no other bill will be mailed; therefore, it is important that you check your account statement every time you register and that you pay in full in a timely manner. (You may view/print/pay your Summer 2016 bill any time after March 9, 2016 (tent.) via Rowan Self Service).
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that payment is made by the appropriate deadline.
    • between March 9 - April 22 or at the time of registration if after 04/22/16
    • pay by our 04/15/16 incentive deadline to help avoid course cancellations
  • Pay by the payment deadline. (See above.)
  • What if you miss the payment deadline? After the 04/22/16 payment deadline, students may be dropped from their Summer 2016 registration for non-payment of any part of their Summer 2016 bill as outlined below:
    • Drops/registration cancellations for non-payment will be performed by the Bursar/Registrar on a weekly basis for anyone with an outstanding summer balance at that time, regardless of in which sessions you are registered. However, due to open/ongoing registration, it is not guaranteed that you will be dropped. Therefore, students MUST drop themseleves from the course(s) within the drop/add deadline or they will be held responsible for all charges.
    • If dropped for non-payment, you may and should re-register if you need/want the class; however, payment will be due at the time you register.
    • Note that course cancellation decisions are based upon enrollment in the course as of three to two weeks before the course begins. If you need the course, please be sure to register and pay within that timeframe. If you must drop the course, please do so at least three (3) weeks before the course start date so we may avoid unnecessary cancellations.
    • If you register/re-register for a course after the two-week cancel review date for the session in question, again, due to timing and the open/ongoing registration for summer, it is not guaranteed that you will be dropped, and if you do not drop yourself before the drop/add period for the session in which the course appears, you will be responsible for payment.
    • Those who are not dropped and who do not pay by the proper due date may have a $25 late fee and a Bursar Hold placed on their Rowan account, which will prohibit all registration and transcript/grade services (including Fall 2016) until the hold is cleared/payment made with the Bursar. This may risk your enrollment in your fall courses.

  • Payment questions: Payment questions should be directed to the Office of the Bursar: (856) 256-4150, bursar@rowan.edu.
  • Summer aid might be available to you! Complete the application form now by clicking here. You must register for at least 6 SH (undergraduate) or 4.5 SH (graduate) for consideration. Financial Aid students must confirm payment with the Office of the Bursar in order to avoid late charges/holds and must have aid posted on their account by
    April 22, 2106 to avoid charges and possible registration drops.
  • If you have registered for classes but see no charges, contact the Registrar's Office (856-256-4360) or registrar@rowan.edu.
  • Any other questions about Summer 2016, can be directed to the Office of Winter & Summer Sessions at Rowan.

Deferred Payment Plan Available for Summer
A deferred payment plan that allows students to pay their total Summer 2016 bill in two installments is available. You must pay one half of the current amount due (net of financial aid, private scholarships, loans, etc.) plus a $30.00 participation fee on or before the indicated due date which should be listed on the Bursar’s website. The remaining installment will be billed via e-mail to student’s Rowan e-mail address during the semester

To Enroll in the Deferred Payment Plan

  1. Go to the Banner Self Service site.
  2. Select “Access Banner Services/Secure Area.” You will need your Rowan/Banner ID and PIN to enter.
  3. Once in the secure site, click on “Bursar Services,” then “Make a Payment” and confirm by clicking “View Bills and Make Payments.”
  4. On the next page, select “Enroll in a Payment Plan,” and follow the prompts.

Students may authorize parents to make payments on their account at this site without needing Rowan ID or PIN. Select “Authorized Users,” to enable this option.

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