Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Linden Hall
Second Floor
201 Mullica Hill Road
Glassboro, NJ 08028
Phone / 856.256.4166
Fax / 856.256.5633
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Office Hours:
8:30am - 4:30pm
Monday - Friday

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Payroll FAQ's

When can individual paychecks be picked up?
Individual paychecks may be picked up at Payroll Services on payday after 3:00 PM (Fall Schedule) and after 4:00 PM (Summer Schedule). Photo identification is required.

Can checks be picked up early?
There is no early check pick up.

How do FWS and IWS student workers receive their initial timesheet?
The Work Study Office x 4272 processes all FWS and IWS student workers initial timesheets.

Why wasn't my paycheck mailed when I filled out a mail form?
Anyone requesting a paycheck mailed, must fill out a mail card one week prior to a payday.

Why did my paycheck go to my previous department?
Payroll should be notified of any departmental changes.

How do I change my home address?
A Change of Address Form must be completed for any address change. Please send the form to the Payroll Office, 201 Mullica Hill Road, Glassboro, NJ 08028.

How do I change my Allowances or Exemptions for federal taxes?
A W-4 Form for Federal Withholding must be completed for the changes and forwarded to Payroll Services, 201 Mullica Hill Road, Glassboro, NJ 08028

How will I receive my W-2 Form if I am no longer employed at Rowan?
A W-2 Form will automatically be mailed to every employee. Confirm your address with Payroll Services before your employment expires.

Why didn't my address change in Payroll if I changed it with the Registrar?
When you change your address in any department, you must also fill out a Change of Address Form from Payroll Services.

If I live out of state, do I have to pay New Jersey State Taxes?
Rowan withholds New Jersey State Gross Income Taxes from employee wages. We have a reciprocal agreement with Pennsylvania. PA Resident Form

How do I change my direct deposit information?
Complete a Direct Deposit Form with the changes and forward it to Payroll Services.

What should I do if I changed my direct deposit information and forgot to inform Payroll? Where did my money go?
Immediately inform Payroll Services of the change. If you changed accounts within the same bank, contact the bank, they may still have your old account open. If you changed banks, Payroll will reissue a check once bank confirmation is received.

What should I do if I lost my W-2 or never received it?
Complete and forward the Duplicate W-2 Form to Payroll Services. Payroll will call you when the duplicate is completed.

How do I change my annuity amount?
Contact Human Resources.

What should I do if my overtime or shift differential is not in my pay check?
Contact your department.

How do I pickup a copy of my Direct Deposit pay stub?
As of December 1, 2003, your stub is available online at Contact Payroll Services regarding any inquiries.

I received two timesheets for the same department, what should I do?
Check the assignments, there may be two active assignments. If so, then the data entry individual needs to end the old assignment. Contact the data entry individual.

I did not receive a summary sheet, what should I do?
If you are the only employee in the department, create one with the proper information and signatures. If the department has other student workers for that pay period, add the name and information to the bottom of the current summary sheet.