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Facilities - Rowan University Environment, Health, and Safety Department

Rowan University

What Can Your Environment, Health, & Safety Office Do?

The Environmental Health and Safety Office is here to help maintain a safe and healthy campus. We are dedicated to designing and evaluating an environment that is conducive to work, study, and residency. We encourage faculty, staff, and students to contact our office with any questions or concerns regarding the campus environment.

Water Quality

Water Quality - More Info »

Insure that the potable water throughout the university is safe for drinking and washing. 

Water Bottle Fill Station Locations

Indoor Air Quality

Insure that our residence, academic, and administrative buildings provide a safe and comfortable environment to live and work in.

Waste Management

Insure compliance with various regulatory requirements regarding generation, storage, and disposal of wastes. Wastes can be separated into several categories including:

Hazardous Waste, Radioactive Waste, Electronic Waste, Medical Waste, Recyclable Waste, Food Waste and General Waste. The primary goal of waste management is to create the least impact on our environment due to the disposal of our garbage. The best solution is to reduce the amount of waste generated to the smallest amount possible. After that, our attention turns to Recycling.

Occupational Safety Training

Confined Space Entry   Lock Out/Tag Out
Hazard Communication Respiratory Protection/Fit Testing
Fall Protection Safe Working Practices
Ergonomics Personal Protective Equipment
HazMat Training Campus Safety
Truck/forklift qualification  Ladder/Scaffolding Safety
Physical Hazard Protection Many Others

Resident Life Training

Assist our Resident Life Staff to provide a safe and healthful resident experience.

SGA Van Driver Training

Deliver and track van driving safety training to users of the SGA Vans.

Laboratory Safety

Provide training in Lab Safety and certifying proper operation of laboratory hoods and emergency equipment.

Auditing and Inspections

A room by room, surface by surface inspection of every building and workplace our students, faculty or staff may enter or use.

Accident/Incident Investigation

Evaluate of each significant accident or incident to determine the root cause, proximal causes, and responses that will reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence.

Community Involvement

Provide training and information at fairs, and involvement in local events.

Response to Campus Concerns

Address the immediate needs of the University as they arise.

Contractor H&S Prequalification

Verify that the contractors and vendors working on our campus are taking safety as serious as we do.

Project Health and Safety Oversight

Provide EHS management advice for our in-house projects

Regulatory Liaison to DEP/EPA/PEOSHA

Address concerns and inquiries from regulatory agencies to ensure our Campus complies with all of the applicable EHS Regulations

Job Hazard Analysis/Exposure Assessment

Evaluate specific jobs and tasks to determine if the safest methods are being used and, if necessary, the proper protective equipment is provided and used correctly.

University Resource for Health and Safety Information

Publish Bulletins, attend fairs, distribute safety briefings, create a social media presence, develop family/household safety advice, participate on Health Matters segment of Rowan Radio, etc.

Training Resources for Supervisors

Links to Prepared Toolbox Talks

Risk Management

Control of Workers Compensation cost through effective communication with employees and case managers.