We are currently working on re-defining what it is to be a member of the MIS Club. We are also planning on adding some functionality to the website that allow members to post resume's and profiles that they can use to showcase themselves to potential employers. To find out more about becoming a member, please use our contact page.

Benifits to members include

1.) Learning relevant on-the-job skills through our hands-on, computer hardware/software oriented workshops. Our focus falls on specific skills supplemental to the MIS Curriculum.

2.) Hearing the first-hand accounts of the nature of the technology job market from those have created the correct secrets for success. Hear how they did it, what they would recommend, or not recommend, and glean 'inside' information from successful people in the 'real world'.

3.) Physically immerse youself in the real world job market, IT departments; see how your degree and experience function when applied in an actual job situation on our organized Day Trips.

4.) Begin networking with other MIS students, professors, guest speakers, Rowan faculty and IT professionals.

5.) Many more , and anything our members suggest they would like to learn or gain from this club.

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