Why Choose Sigma Pi?

Why Rush Sigma Pi? Why Rush? Why...? Why should "I" pledge Sigma Pi? What am I to gain by becoming a Sigma Pi Brother? Will it effect my academics? All of these might be questions and doubts that you have. You should pledge Sigma Pi to gain a lifetime of memories, experiences, trials and friendships. A Sigma Pi brother is someone who will always be there for you. Brotherhood and the Sigma Pi experience goes way beyond a semester, a year, a college career, it will stay with you for life.

Here at the Zeta Chi Chapter of Rowan University, we pride ourselves on being the most diverse group of individuals; many of our brothers have taken the fraternity experience outside of the fraternity and gotten involved in other groups and clubs, from SGA to Residence Life and all in between. Give us a semester... we will give you a lifetime of memories.

What is a Fraternity Anyway?
For Most of you the word "fraternity" isn't a familiar one. It is a word which is usually associated with things that it does not condone or stand for. The dictionary, however, offers a definition that we agree with. It defines a fraternity as a student society formed on a principle of brotherhood. To elaborate on the definition given, a fraternity is an association of persons banded together by common interests, brotherhood, and uniform purpose. With their ideals, democratic principles, and altruistic motives, fraternities are the finest and most desirable type of social motivating force and constructive factor for mankind. If the spirit of fraternity, as exemplified by Sigma Pi, were the fundamental basis on which the people of one nation or the peoples of all nations treated and considered each other, there would be no wars and no disregard for those considered to be less fortunate. It is natural for man to be constantly seeking higher ideals; and since fraternity rituals embody the highest standards of brotherhood, scholarship, and ethics, it is a hopeless undergraduate or alumnus who is not influenced by the ideals of his fraternity.

What can a Fraternity do for Me?
This is and should be the first question on an undergraduate students mind. Whenever anyone considers becoming a part of any organization they want to know how it can benefit them. Fraternities have numerous opportunities to offer to many different people. In addition to the strong bonds of brotherhood, friendship, high academics, and colligate well-roundedness, a fraternity can offer you a chance to express or even improve your leadership skills, and help you for life after college. There is also so much that a fraternity can give that just can not be expressed in writing.

Traditional Pledging
The days of John Belushi's "Animal House" are part of the archives for fraternities, and now are long gone. We at Sigma Pi believe in a pledgeship filled with teaching young men the same values that were installed in our fraternity's founders and in all of us. Diffusing culture, encouraging chivalry, and developing character are all household phrases for our members. We believe that to be a part of Sigma Pi is to be a part of something great. In tradition of our fraternity, we pass on all of these values to our members.

Fraternities build leaders... Fortune Magazine's study of the 750 largest United States corporations show that over 85% of the officers who went to colleges and universities where there are fraternities, belong to them. Out of the top fifty corporations, forty-three are headed by fraternity men. Since 1825, all but two Presidents of the United States have been members of fraternities. Today 75% of Representatives are Greek and 71% of the people who are listed in Who's Who in America are also members of fraternities.

As an International fraternity, Sigma Pi is a most unique organization. It is composed of college men, both undergraduates and alumni, from many of our nation's leading institutions of higher learning. Together, they are united by the bond of brotherhood. In Sigma Pi, that bond transcends both time and distance. Brothers are to be found everywhere form Oregon to Massachusetts, from Ontario to Louisiana, and beyond. They are all part of a brotherhood which began with four college students in 1897 and has reached through the years to you.

Sigma Pi Fraternity hosts a wide array of activities for its members. Athletics, meals, and various kinds of social functions all provide a means of recreation and relaxation for the student. The chapter's participation in campus activities enables its members to meet an ever growing number of other persons from all parts of campus and all aspects of student life. In addition, through their many fraternity brothers, both undergraduate and alumni, the circle of contacts of Sigma Pi members is vastly expanded.

When a man is accepted as a member of Sigma Pi, he learns that a great deal of time and effort have gone into supplying material for this instruction. This may be best explained by relating the facts of what makes a chapter strong. A properly instructed, well-educated pledge makes a better chapter member, and a better chapter member makes a good alumnus. That Sigma Pi has gone to these measures reflects that the national organization is interested in the well-being of each member. Sigma Pi enables a man not only to build from his own experiences, but also allows him to learn from the experience of others.

One of the fundamental objectives of Sigma Pi is the development of character in each of its brothers and pledges. While the true essence of character is hard to define, it can be exemplified by a man's standard of conduct, his acceptance of responsibility, and his own self-image. The true fraternity man strives to attain the highest level possible in each of these areas.