About the Program


The Department of Nursing at Rowan University is committed to being a recognized leader in innovative nursing education, scholarship, evidence-based practice, and an active force in the health of the diverse communities it serves.


The Department of Nursing at Rowan University promotes excellence in Healthcare through quality and the innovative education of nurses. We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education by combining liberal education with professional preparation towards the baccalaureate degree. Rowan provides a collaborative, learning-centered environment in which highly qualified and diverse faculty, staff, and students integrate teaching, research, scholarship, creative activity, and community service. Through intellectual, social and cultural contributions, the University enriches the lives of those in the campus community and surrounding region. The Department of Nursing Programs seeks to meet the needs of our diverse population and improve the health and quality of life of the citizens of New Jersey and society at large.

Philosophy of Nursing Education

The philosophy of the Department of Nursing at Rowan University emanates from nursing's founder, Florence Nightingale. The department's belief is that the interaction of person, environment, nurse and health are integral to maintaining and assisting individuals in achieving improved health status. The Nursing Department believes that nursing practice encompasses four domains that are evidence-based: clinical practice; leadership/executive practice; education practice; and research practice. In addition the Nursing Department believes in excellent leadership that will advance nursing as well as shape policy in health care delivery systems. Finally the Nursing Department further believes that innovation is integral to the improvement of nursing practice. Such examples of innovation are technology that enhances online education and hybrid course delivery. The nursing faculty is committed to academic rigor, service, lifelong learning, and continuous.


  1. The Department of Nursing values people and the diversity that they bring to classroom experiences as well as the overall Department of Nursing educational experience, treating all with compassion, dignity, and respect for individual beliefs.
  2. The Department of Nursing values highly ethical behavior, professionalism, integrity, and accountability in all aspects of our academic, clinical, and administrative work.
  3. The Department of Nursing values excellence, encouraging achievement in all endeavors of the University family, fostering collegiality, and maintaining high academic standards, through productive, scholarly faculty and a talented student body.
  4. The Department of Nursing values knowledge, its creation, dissemination, synthesis and application.
  5. The Department of Nursing values service, demonstrated through our commitment to effectiveness, accessibility, and affordability in our education and the resources that we provide to our students.
  6. The Department of Nursing values collaboration within CGCE, the University family and through partnerships with others to enhance the fulfillment of our Mission and attainment of our Vision.
  7. The Department of Nursing values innovation and flexibility to meet the ongoing societal needs of our students and the challenges of the future of healthcare.



  • Ensure that the Department of Nursing programs are responsive to quality standards and emerging needs in healthcare
  • Ensure that the Department of Nursing programs are responsive to student and community needs
  • Strengthen mechanisms for collaborative curricular planning/development and educational innovation
  • Position the Department of Nursing as a leading center for education and consultation in evidence-based nursing practice
  • Position the Department of Nursing as a leader in cultural competency education and practice

Research and Scholarship

  • Augment faculty research capacity and scholarship
  • Build a comprehensive, robust, responsive research infrastructure

Clinical Practice and Services

  • Provide high quality clinical education and high-quality, cost-effective, academically centered, culturally competent clinical services
  • Promote faculty practice and assure ongoing faculty clinical expertise through faculty practice plan participation
  • Facilitate the participation of faculty and students in health projects to enhance the health of the people of New Jersey

Community and Diversity

  • Play a leadership role in efforts to decrease health disparities
  • Increase the diversity of students, faculty and staff to reflect the demographic composition of the communities in the Southern New Jersey Region
  • Promote the sensitivity of faculty and graduates to the cultural, economic, and social needs of the diverse populations served

Impact on New Jersey and the Profession

  • Expand the Department of Nursing programs reach and impact on the development of health policy
  • Support participation of faculty in leadership opportunities in professional and healthcare communities

Department of Nursing Culture

  • Promote academic collaboration, faculty participation and governance, effective and accountable planning, management and resource allocation; and fulfilling careers.
  • Design, develop and implement an ongoing system of strategic intelligence that compiles relevant data on external trend and integrates it with Department of Nursing program’s specific information
  • Design and implement program evaluation activities to strengthen accountability and the overall student experience
  • Support an infrastructure for faculty mentorship and development
  • Create transparency in processes and procedures
  • Design strategies


  • Enhance public and professional recognition of the Department of Nursing as a provider of quality education programs that advance educational preparation and career mobility of Registered Nurses.


The RN-BSN Program at Rowan University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, One Dupont Circle, NW Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036, (202) 887-6781.