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College of Science & Mathematics

The College of Science and Mathematics Grant Development Awards

The College of Science & Mathematics is pleased to announce the 2014 CSM Grant Development Awards. Grant Development Awards fund research activities that contribute directly to the development and submission of a substantial extramural grant proposal.

Committed to the tradition of providing and supporting ample research opportunities for students and faculty, the College of Science and Mathematics will fund up to two Grant Development Awards of up to $15,000, starting this summer.

Winning the inaugural awards for $15,000 this year were projects lead by Dr. Gregory Caputo and Dr. Cathy Yang, respectively, from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Dr. Caputo’s project, “Silver-based Materials as Antimicrobial Coatings for Biomedical Devices” examines the effects of bacterial growth when biomedical devices are coated with silver. The team members include Dr. Lei Yu (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Dr. Jeffery Hettinger (Physics and Astronomy), Xiao Hu (Physics and Astronomy), Dr. Robert Krchnavek (College of Engineering) and Dr. Renee Demarest (Rowan SOM).

Dr. Yang’s project, “Developing Peanut Ara h2 Allergoid Vaccines,” examines the Peanut Ara h2 Allergoid in the hopes of developing a vaccine to counteract peanut allergies, similar to a project that developed a Poison Ivy vaccine. The team members include Dr. Dayalan Srinivasan (Biological Sciences), Dr. Gary Goldberg (Rowan SOM) and Dr. Kingsley Yin (Rowan SOM).

The Grant Development Awards supports full-time tenure-trick or tenured professors who will submit a substantial extramural grant proposal by the end of 2015. The Principal Investigator of the proposal must be a CSM faculty member and there should be at least one co-investigator, preferably from outside of the PI’s department. Teams of at least two faculty members are invited to apply, with preference to teams that span multiple departments. Team members from outside of CSM are welcome and encouraged to be co-PIs.

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