Health Professions

Academic Requirements for Health Professions

You are looking to embark on an academic journey that is demanding, yet very rewarding. Careers in medicine, dentistry, and others are highly respected and one of great sacrifice. There is a rise in the number of applicants to these programs, which means that the competition continues to be very high. When considering a career in health professions, it is important to identify and complete the required classes. What does that mean?

Medical, dental, and other health professional program do not require students to select a specific major. Students are encouraged to explore majors that they will enjoy and will provide them with the best chance for academic success. Rowan students graduate with majors like Philosophy, Biomedical Engineering, English, or Psychology and have been accepted to medical, dental and other graduate schools. In addition, we have a number of science-related majors (Biochemistry, Biology, Translational Biomedical Sciences, etc.) that incorporate the required science courses into their academic curriculum.

The following courses will provide you with a strong academic framework to satisfy the minimum requirements for a number of graduate programs, including medicine and dentistry. Keep in mind that individual institutions may have specific courses they may or may not require for their professional program. Please check with your desired programs for more information.

Basic Requirements for Entry into Health Profession Graduate Programs
 One year of Biology with Laboratory**
BIOL01.205 Foundations in Biology for Biomedical Sciences I
BIOL01.206 Foundations in Biology for Biomedical Sciences II
 One year of Chemistry with Laboratory
CHEM06.100 Chemistry I
CHEM06.101 Chemistry II
 One year of Organic Chemistry with Laboratory
CHEM07.200 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM07.201 Organic Chemistry II
 One year of Physics with Laboratory
PHYS00.210 Physics I
PHYS00.211 Physics II
 One year of College Composition
 A number of Humanities courses (varies by professional school)


**Some professional schools may ask for a one year math sequence that may include courses in Calculus and/or Statistics course.

**Some majors, like Biology, may satisfy the Biology science content for professional school by taking the four course Biology sequence below.

Biol01.104 Biology 1: Diversity, Evolution & Adaptation Biol01.203 Biology 3: Intro. to Cell Biology
Biol01.106 Biology 2: Concepts in Genetics Biol01.204 Biology 4: Global Ecology

**Please check with your academic advisor to confirm your prerequisites are consistent with your academic major

There are additional requirements that many students complete while at Rowan. In this highly competitive environment, pre-health students will find that completing some of these courses will help them in that transition into graduate school. In addition, these courses may serve as a predictor of your academic potential and it is highly recommend that you consider these courses. Keep in mind that for science majors, these courses are incorporated into your course schedule. Students should refer to the Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) book, ADEA Official Guide to Dental School book, or other admissions publications for specific requirements. Students also may want to contact individual schools regarding program requirements.

Recommended upper-level science courses

BIOL22.335 Genetics BIOL22.410 Concepts in Human Genetics
CHEM07.348 Biochemistry BIOL22.450 Molecular Genetics
BIOL01.430 Cell Biology BIOL14.440 Introduction to Biochemistry
BIOL27.403 Embryology BIOL10.345 Human Physiology
BIOL11.330 Microbiology CHEM09.250 Quantitative Analysis
BIOL11.338 Immunology BIOL07.301 Comparative Anatomy
CHEM07.357 Chemical Biology BIOL10.210 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
CHEM07.410 Medicinal Chemistry BIOL10.211 Human Anatomy & Physiology II

Recommended humanities courses

PHIL09.375 Philosophy of Medicine SOC08.436 Sociology of Medicine
PHIL09.341 Biomedical Ethics SOC08.320 Urban Sociology
PHIL09.392 Cont. Moral Problems SOC08.422 Social Determinants of Health
PHIL09.369 Philosophy of Science SOC08.120 Intro to Sociology for Pre-Med
ANTH02.215 Medical Anthropology PSY01.329 Health Psychology
STAT02.280 Biometry PSY01.107 Essen. of Psychology for Pre-Med

A rigorous curriculum is important, but academic success is what matters most. Maintaining a high GPA will put you on the path towards your desired destination. Our office is here to support you in your journey.

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