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College of Science & Mathematics

Linode donates 15 Servers to the College

A recent donation from Linode, a Galloway, N.J. based cloud server company, will provide Rowan University's College of Science and Mathematics 15 servers to establish and grow the computational capabilities of its research programs.
"What these servers provide us with is a vital resource for a computation center for the college," said Dr. Stephen Hartley, chairman of the Computer Science department.
Every computer has a hard drive and processing unit that allow the user to install and execute programs and save data. A server acts as an external hard drive and processing unit, except it can be accessed from any computer with the proper credentials. A cloud server is the same concept except that it is virtual, allowing users to run large programs if they don't have access to a costly powerful local computer. 
The 15 servers from Linode are physical units that will be connected to Rowan's network, providing the space to store the required programs for research and related data files.
According to Hartley, professors from several departments have been attempting to identify ways in which to incorporate powerful computers into their research. Classes such as bioinformatics, data analysis, biostatistics and any course that requires computation will benefit from these servers. 
For research projects in fields such as bioinformatics, data analytics, and biostatistics, software often is needed, for example, to analyze the millions of DNA sequences of collected cell samples, in order to find mutations. The computation center could eventually help other colleges in the University, fostering interdisciplinary research opportunities. 
Plans for the center are in the very early stages, but the donation from Linode will enhance the research experience at the college.