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College of Science & Mathematics




Among the most unique features of our college are emphasis on undergraduate student research and development of innovative interdisciplinary graduate programs. Our faculty members are both internationally known scholars and dedicated teachers who bring their research findings to the classrooms thus exposing our students to cutting edge scholarship and applications. We aim to prepare highly trained specialists in a variety of fields of applied sciences and set a strong foundation for our students’ future graduate education.

Office of the Assistant Dean

The Assistant Dean handles student academic issues of the college. Some responsibilities include handling academic probation and dismissal of CSM students, student after-hours acces, grade disputes, and student complaints. The Assistant Dean also helps with course registration issues such as hardship requests to drop/add courses, hardship withdrawals, and permission to exceed the enrollment credit limit. Students with questions about any academic issues are encouraged to contact the office at any time.

Dr. Eve Sledjeski

Assistant Dean, CSM
Office of the Dean
Robinson Hall / Room 214

Undergraduate Students

Course Registration Information

Student Opportunities

Graduate Students

International Students

Rowan University welcomes applications from international students from around the world. The International Center (IC) provides information and guidance for students seeking F1 student status. Once admitted, the IC remains available to support international students through walk-in advising, academic and cultural workshops, enrichment activities, and social programming.