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The College of Engineering

Joseph F. Stanzione, III


Joseph F. Stanzione, III


Ph.D. - Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware, 2013

M.S. - Chemical Engineering, Drexel University, 2008

B.S. - Chemical Engineering, Drexel University, 2008

Research Interests:



  1. Holmberg, A.L.; Stanzione III, J.F.*; Wool, R.P.; Epps III, T.H. "A Facile Method for Generating Designer Block Copolymers from Functionalized Lignin Model Compounds." ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Published Online DOI: 10.1021/sc400497a. *Co-first author.
  2. Stanzione III, J.F.; Giangiulio, P.A.; Sadler, J.M.; La Scala, J.J.; Wool, R.P. "Lignin-based Bio-oil Mimic as Bio-based Resin for Composite Applications." ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2013 1 (4) 419-426.
  3. Senoz, E.; Stanzione III, J.F.; Reno, K.H.; Wool, R.P.; Miller, M.E.N. "Pyrolyzed Chicken Feather Fibers for Bio-based Composite Reinforcement." Journal of Applied Polymer Science 2013 128 (2) 983-989.
  4. Stanzione III, J.F.; Jensen, R.E.; Costanzo, P.J.; Palmese, G.R. "Synthesis and Characterization of Ionic Polymer Networks in a Room Temperature Ionic Liquid." ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2012 4 (11) 6142-6150.
  5. Stanzione III, J.F.; Sadler, J.M.; La Scala, J.J.; Reno, K.H.; Wool, R.P. "Vanillin-based Thermoset for Use in Composite Applications." Green Chemistry 2012, 14 (8), 2346-2352.
  6. Stanzione III, J.F.; Sadler, J.M.; La Scala, J.J.; Wool, R.P. "Lignin Model Compounds as Bio-based Reactive Diluents for Liquid Molding Resins." ChemSusChem 2012, 5 (7), 1291-1297.
  7. Stanzione III, J.F.; Strawhecker, K.E.; Wool R.P. "Observing the Twinkling Fractal Theory of the glass transition." Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 2011, 357 (2), 311-319.


  1. "Bio-based Block Copolymers Derived from Lignin and Plant Oils." U.S Provisional Application for Patent 61/789,490 (Filed on March 15, 2013). Inventors: Holmberg, A.L.; Stanzione III, J.F.; Wool, R.P.; Epps III, T.H.



Contact Information
Phone: (856) 256-5356

Office: 221A Rowan Hall

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