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Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Transfer Students

Hello, Rowan Civil and Environmental Engineering program usually accepts only a small number of transfer students each year into our program on a competitive basis. The following links should help you through this process. The length of time required to complete your Rowan degree is highly dependent on the coursework you transfer into the program. You should anticipate at least four more semesters of work even if you have a related A.S. degree. Many students will require five to six semesters because of prerequisite and course sequencing issues.

Rowan Engineering College Policy This page contains the official transfer requirements

Rowan Course Equivalents These pages are useful to determine the Rowan equivalent courses. For transfer into the program we accept Chemistry I and II in place of our Advance College Chemistry I & II.

Rowan Application

If you have questions about transferring into the CEE program at Rowan you can contact Dr. Ralph Dusseau at 856-256-5323 or