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Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering – Electrical & Computer Engineering


Advisory Board

The College of Engineering maintains strong linkages with industry and agencies throughout the greater New Jersey region. Important interface mechanisms include Engineering Clinic projects funded by local companies, internships in regional industry, workshops and short courses we host. Another key element is an industrial advisory board composed of a cross-section of key stakeholders.

The ECE External Advisory Board (EAB) has the goal of supporting the furthering of the ECE mission through external evaluation and assessment of the ECE program and by providing assistance and advice on resource matters. This important perspective helps us understand the relevancy of what we are doing through the eyes of practitioners and firms who employ our students and helps the ECE program continuously improve.

Regular meetings provide opportunities for exchange:
Rowan faculty discuss educational focus, research progress, and curriculum; EAB members provide input on the relevance of the ECE program and activities, and make recommendations for modifications to skill/technology focus, assessment methods and/or research areas. The EAB is a two-way conduit for communication among ECE, industry, government, and alumni.

Current ECE Industrial Board Members:

Company Representative
Lockheed Martin

Dr. Nafiz Karabudak

Lockheed Martin Dr. Todd Tangert
L3 Communications Mr. Bob Montgomery
Maritime Programs
Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT), Inc.

Mr. Apostolos Topalis
Systems Engineer

BOEING Bruce Oestreich
Integrated Strategy