Dr. Sheri Chinen Biesen is assistant professor of Radio/Television/Film. Professor Biesen received her BA and MA from The University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television, and PhD in Radio, Television and Film, Critical and Cultural Studies from The University of Texas at Austin College of Communication.

Dr. Biesen is a film historian specializing in archival research with interests in American cinema history, film noir, censorship, the film industry and cultural history, the classical studio system, Hollywood genres, stars, and directors. Her publications include "Bogart, Bacall, Howard Hawks and Wartime Film Noir at Warner Bros.: To Have and Have Not and The Big Sleep," Popular Culture Review (13.1) 2002, "Raising Cain with the Censors Again: The Postman Always Rings Twice," Literature/Film Quarterly (28:1) 2000, "West Side Story, Kennedy's Camelot & Postwar to Early 1960s America," Popular Culture Review (11:1) 2000, "Censorship, Film Noir and Double Indemnity," Film & History (25:1-2) 1995, and "Joan Harrison, Virginia Van Upp and Women Behind-the-Scenes in Wartime Hollywood Film Noir" for Quarterly Review of Film and Video.

Professor Biesen presented research on "Stars, Audiences and Gender Distress: Roman Noir, The Female Gothic Thriller, and Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca and Suspicion" for the Literature/Film Conference on Global and American Cinemas, teaches film history, American cinema directors, RTF research & criticism, and is completing work on a book on film noir and World War II.