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Rowan University Office of Compliance and Corporate Integrity

Rowan University

RowanSOM Compliance Program Overview


Comply with All Laws and Regulatory Requirements

Every employee must strictly observe all laws and regulatory requirements that apply to RowanSOM. Every employee is expected to be familiar with the basic legal requirements that are relevant to his or her duties. Employees can learn the laws and regulations that apply to their work through in-service training programs, from supervisors, by reviewing RowanSOM policies, and by asking questions of the Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer and the Office of Legal Management. Employees are expected to ask supervisors when they require assistance in understanding their legal obligations.

Keep Accurate Records

Every employee is expected to comply with RowanSOM and government requirements regarding record keeping. All records and reports are to be prepared accurately and retained in accordance with applicable requirements. All communications, whether within RowanSOM or to outside agencies, must be truthful.

Behave Ethically

Every employee is expected to adhere to high ethical standards when he or she acts on behalf of RowanSOM.

Comply with RowanSOM’s Conflict of Interest Policy

Every employee is expected to be loyal to RowanSOM, to avoid using his or her position for personal gain, and to comply with the Conflict of Interest Policy.

Report Possible Violations

Every employee is expected to report any possible violations of law or ethical standards in accordance with the procedure set forth in the following section.