Rowan on iTunes U

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have Windows? Can I still install iTunes?
Yes. Apple has a Windows 2000/XP/Vista version of iTunes available for free download off their

How do podcasts work?
Podcasts consist of the episode files that you download, and an XML file that lists all the episodes. When you subscribe to a podcast, iTunes reads the XML file and downloads the latest episode. Each day, iTunes rereads the XML file. If a new episode is available, iTunes downloads it automatically.

Is Rowan on iTunes part of the iTunes Music Store?
No. The tracks offered in Rowan on iTunes are kept apart from the content on the main
iTunes Music Store. Thus, you will not be able to access Rowan on iTunes directly without
first visiting

Will I have to pay to access the Rowan on iTunes?
No. You may freely preview and download all of the content from Rowan on iTunes.

The search is not returning many Rowan tracks. Is there something wrong?
The search function currently references the main iTunes Music Store. Rowan on iTunes
tracks are catalogued separately, and thus will not be found in a search at the moment.

Can I access Rowan on iTunes directly without first opening a browser?
No. Since this is a special section for Rowan, there are no direct links off of the main iTunes
Music Store. You must first visit to access Rowan on iTunes.

Can I connect my iPod to other people's computers and download their music?
No. Your iPod can only synch with one music library at a time. So unless you would like to
completely reformat your iPod to synch to another computer, it cannot be done.

Do I need an iPod?
No. Although you can download podcasts to your iPod to play them on the go, you can listen to or watch podcasts on your computer, using iTunes, or on your TV, with Apple TV.

Will I be able to use other mp3 players with iTunes?
Yes and no. There is moderate support in iTunes for some 3rd Party players, but they will not
be able to play AAC files (including songs from the iTunes Music Store. Apple offers a full line
of iPod products and accessories which will give you the best digital experience.