Rowan on iTunes U

Podcast Frenzy

The What? The Who? The Where?
ITunes U is coming to Rowan, and how do you celebrate? By giving away ipods! You and your team have 24 hours to create a (max) 5 minute long podcast about rowan for rowans new iTunes U! Winners will receive placement and recognition as the first podcasts in iTunes U at Rowan! What is iTunes U @ Rowan you ask? Quite possibly the coolest and easiest way to study and review for class! Learn more at the library. You and your friends, family, teachers or even that random guy off the street can compete against other teams at Rowan. There must be at least 3 Rowan students, faculty or staff per 5 person team. Pick up an app and return it to the library to sign up, then come out to the kickoff on April 26th at 5pm. There you will get your start and you have until 5pm on the 27th to create your masterpiece.

The Kicker...
Aside from the fact that you need to create 5 minutes in under 24 hours, there’s another secret. You will be given details about your podcast at 5pm on April 26th that you must incorporate into your creation, who knows what we will make you do?

So what do I do before then?
Practice makes perfect, and the library is there to help! The library will be providing training in the 5th floor media center before the event. Visit the circulation desk to get more info and a schedule.

The Prize  

The team with the best judged podcast or movie about Rowan wins five, yea that’s right, FIVE Ipod Shuffles to kick start your iTunes U experience!
Ipod Shuffles