A.  Unit Overview:  

  1. Content Area: Pre-Algebra
  2. Unit Title:  Solving and Writing Equation and Inequalities
  3. Target Course/Grade Level: Math/5th grade
  4. Instructor’s Name: Dee Niederberger
  5. School:   Pennsauken Intermediate School
  6. Date:  July  23, 2011
  7. Unit Summary: Solving and Writing Equations and Inequalities will begin with solving one step addition and subtraction equations.  From there the students will move on to solving one step multiplication and division equations.   Number lines will then be introduced and the students will graph equalities and inequalities on number lines.  Finally, tables and values will be interpreted to find patterns and create equations for the set of table values.
  8. Primary interdisciplinary connections:  Science, Language Arts
  9. 21st century themes:  Financial, Economic, Business, and Entrepreneurial Literacy
  10. 21st century skills: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  11. Unit Rationale: Solving and Writing Equations and Inequalities will set the foundation for solving and making equations.  The students will also gain an understanding of the use of inequalities.  Students will further analyze numbers to describe and create patterns using tables, simple equations and graphs. 

B.  Learning Targets :  

Common Core Standards :

2.  Standards for Mathematical Practice

3.  Unit Essential Questions:

4.  Unit Enduring Understandings:

C.  Evidence of Learning:

 D.  Equipment / Resources

Teacher Resources: Envision MATH program, Topic 15, Pearsonsuccess.net

E.  Lesson Plan Topics / Titles:

Lesson 1:  Solving addition and subtraction equations
Lesson 2:  Solving addition and subtraction equations part 2
Lesson 3:  Solving multiplication and division equations
Lesson 4:  Solving multiplication and division equations part 2
Lesson 5:  Inequalities on the number line
Lesson 6:  Patterns and equations
Lesson 7:  Problem solving: write an equation 
Lesson 8:  Unit Review

F.  Teacher Notes about Lesson Plans

 Each lesson:

G.  Universal Design for Learning Options

Guideline 1: Provide options for perception

Guideline 2: Provide options for language, mathematical expressions, and symbols

Guideline 3: Provide options for comprehension

       2.  Multiple Means of Action and Expression

Guideline 4: Provide options for physical action

            Guideline 5: Provide options for expression and communication

 Guideline 6: Provide options for executive functions


3.  Multiple Means of Engagement

Guideline 7: Provide options for recruiting interest

Guideline 8: Provide options for sustaining effort and persistence

Guideline 9: Provide options for self-regulation

H.  Online Resources :

The following websites were used in preparing additional strategies, accommodations, and modifications in the above lessons: