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Integer/Absolute Number
Order of Operations
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Fractions and Mixed Number Concepts
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Roots and Exponents

Recognizing Linear Functions -

Teacher Tube   Tired of inappropriate content being displayed when showing videos to your students?  This site has many resources, and allows to to flag inappropriate content and images. Free subscription required.

K12 Online School  On-line public and private school.  Credits accepted by participating schools in many states. Another resource for additional instruction for students. 

Study Island  This program was created from the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.  It provides differentiated, research-based, web-based, user-friendly assessments and interactive games based on the New Jersey Standards Mastery and NJ ASK/HSPA.

Allows students to use a function machine at varying levels in order to practice seeing patterns in number and fills input & output values into a table.

I am teaching translations, reflections and rotations next week.  I found this catchy song/video that I am going to share with my students to help them remember the meanings of each.

Solving one-step equations:

Solve equations by using a numberline to balance the equation.  Decide on the correct operation in order to solve the problem.

Dimension U  Fantastic 3D Math (LA & Science) video games from Pearson.  Students LOVE these!  Fantastic on the Smart Board! Free download for singleplayer. Free sign up (with parent) fro online multiplayer for scholarships and other rewards.

Teach by Magic  Nice ideas to add to the DI "bag of tricks" for Math instruction (and other content as well).

My students adore this.  They learn the words and sing along, learning real-life applications of linear equations and the concepts of slope and y-intercept.

Interactive Algebra

Graphing linear equations:

Great free printable math worksheets.

This is the most amazing game for understanding the Pythagorean Theorm.

This is a game that allows kids to fill orders for soda for ounces, and at the same time practice mental math to fill the order the quickest by adding ounces.

Teaching Measures:

Transformation Golf -game where students have to use various transformation to make the golf shot under par, with the least moves

For measurement practice:

For transformation practice:

View the common core standards on a FREE app:

Quadrilateral rap....

Some excellent web sites for exploring the Pythagorean Theorem, which I am using in 8th grade math:

To review/introduce polygons:

To review/introduce parallelograms:

To practice plotting points on a 4 quadrant grid:

For fractions, decimals percents unit here are 2 good links:

Angles Jeopardy Game:

Game that students can practice their ability to estimate angle measures.

I really like this lesson on rounding:

Rounding Flashcards

This site is a great interactive site I use for the kids to get them warmed up before the lesson starts!

Website for comparing fractions and equivalent fractions.

Lets kids practice solving inequalities & reading graphs of inequalities.

I like these data games.  We are doing probability and data this month.  There is a lot of reading involved.  It is the most benificial if the student signs up for a membership because the games adjust the level the student is working at based on their accuaracy.

A line graph is a good visual for students to use to organize and picture their data. It shows them the range as well.

Whiteboard activities and virtual manipulatives for Science and Math

This is a fun, engaging video "Probability and Odds with Shaq" about the difference between probability and odds.

Continuing with the basketball theme, here's a teen-directed, animated video about correlation and line of best fit:

Here's a thorough, professional, interactive lesson on line plots:


Valentine Activity with Fractions Percents Circle Graph (.doc)

Valentine Word Problems (.docx)