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Web Resources

Pyramid Challange - Game simulating building pyramids Lessons

Test your knowledge about the American Revolution, and see if you can navigate your way to independence. Every correct answer gets you closer to liberty! is a great resource for technology based Social Studies activities, among other things.  My class used this site earlier this year to complete a Bio-Cube.  The Bio-Cube was a great way for the kids to summarize the important information they learned while read a historical biography.  This is the specific link to the Bio-Cube page: .  It's an incredible resource site for all teachers of Social Studies 4th grade and up.  The site is still being developed, but I have been following it for about 6 months, and each change just makes it better and stronger.  There are embedded videos, maps, activities, readable text, and just about anything else a teacher might want.  In addition, it's categorized by content, and easily navigable.  I think that the American History part is amazing, but the teachers at the Middle Schools might want to check out the World History sections.
A wonderful site to use with SmartBoards.

My school eBoard has a social studies tab with several notes of links to websites for Colonial America websites. The students have been doing independent research on specific topics assigned and chosen regarding the history of the three colonial regions. The eBoard is their resource for quick access to useful websites.

The American Experience | Andrew Carnegie | Timeline (text v
From Public Broadcasting System (PBS), a timeline about Andrew Carnegie, the great American railroad magnate who build the intercontinental railway system during the 1800’s. Interesting site with links to our nation’s work related issues during that time period.

American Revolution: Songs of the Revolution
Events relating to the American Revolution are on this website.  The songs of the American Revolution are on this website. The songs are broken down into categories, with the words and music. Great site for teaching Social Studies and History to elementary students.

Congress for Kids
An informative, user friendly and interactive website explaining how our government formed and how it works. Viewers can easily access the information by going back and forth between the pages to learn and review information about our nation’s laws and the history of our government. The site has similar KWL format and students can learn and then review for self assessment.

Cool Teaching Lesson and Units and How to Research
This is an interactive website for teachers and students from grades five through twelve. Teachers can save time by logging onto this website to access lesson plans and units. There are links which teach students how to research on the Internet and essential guidelines for safely navigating on the Internet.

Discovering Lewis and Clark -  Wonderful!
An exceptional, interactive website with an abundance of information about the Lewis and Clark Expedition which includes: an Overview, the Expedition, American Nations, the Corps, Geography, Values and Issues, Journal Excerpts, Native Nations, Natural History, Technology. Each category has subcategories with additional information. The information is authentic and interesting.

The History Place
This website presents information about the American Revolution, the Civil War, twentieth century topics, WWII, Presidents of the United States, the Vietnam War, the Holocaust and other significant events. Each category presents information in a timeline, with pictures and links to related events to each topic. The History Place website is informative and user friendly for teachers and students.

 In Astronomy my students are studying the patterns related to day & night, the seasons, and the phases of the moon.  These sites provided interesting, animated explanations.

Pyramid Building Webquest that we developed for ancient Egypt using the British Museum website.  It allows the students to use problem solving skills, as well as their knowledge of ancient Egypt to attempt to successfully build pyramids.  The students enjoyed it last year, and we plan to use it again this year when we get into the unit on Egypt after the holiday break.  We have the link on our eboards for the students to access, and here is a copy of the link for your reference.

Social Studies games and resources:

Interactive web site on triangular trade routes:

An interactive site for exploring the 13 colonies.The students did very well with this site. The best part (in my opinion) was the Create a Map section.This can be used for just about any content area.

Interactive activities about Jamestown.  My children enjoyed it while learning supplemental information to the text book.

Good SmartBoard games on the web site listed below.

Worldwide collaboration between teachers of projects.

Website for writing stories

Develop a survey to collect and graph results using Twitter, text message, web, etc.

Interaction information about the Declaration of Independence

National Archives web site:

Accessed   site-a plethora of activities related to primary source documents housed at the National Archive 

Looks at the connection between the Constitution and the Bill of Rights   

Reveal side activity that involves matching photos with the first ten amendments to the Constitution, Bill of Rights  

SMARTBoard activity that examines documents related to the life of  Frederick Douglass  

Students gain an understanding of what the primary job of each branch of government is and what it takes to be qualified to hold office in each of the three branches. Students will analyze the Constitution, focusing primarily on the first three articles to find their information and answer the questions on each section.  

Lesson Plans and Handouts
Ancient Egypt and Mummies
Declaration of Independance Choice Menu
Pyramid Builder Webquest
National Geographic Underground Railroad
Cuneiform WebQuest
Hammurabi Website

PowerPoint Lessons

Ancient Egypt
Chinese New Year