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ASCD: Texting, Facebook can give teachers struggles with virtual boundaries

Desktop Videoconferencing: Novelty or Legitimate Teaching Tool?

Great survey site.

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Yse to support vocabulary or trivia for review in order to complete a puzzle, or interactive game

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This website is from a workshop several Pennsauken Intermediate Math teachers attended. They find this site and resources very useful.

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‍23 Things that you can do on the Web to explore and expand your knowledge of Web 2.0.

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Somebody showed me a great class blogging site that I would like to submit for January.  It is called Kidblog. .  It is safe and free.  Our English teacher on the team uses it and loves it.

TodaysMeet allows any user to quickly and conveniently set up a temporary chat room for immediate discussion. It establishes a temporary URL, determined by the initial user, and can be set up for 2 hours or even a week or more! There is NO training required; it's blissfully simplistic! As an IMPACT group, we have set up two times per week (Wednesdays at 8:45am and Thursdays at 3:45pm) where any one of us can set up an interactive chat that will last 10-15 minutes. We can quickly chat in real time about the grant, the courses, or any other thoughts and concerns that we have. Those who are available and interested can 'log in' at the scheduled times for a short chat session. In addition, I have used it with the students. Again, I set up a temporary chat site URL...generally for a 2-hour time period. I have used it to show part of a video, pause the video and allow for chat/feedback/responses for a 10-15 minute window. During this time, I am also a participant and can quickly see who is participating, and the depth of their understanding via their comments. It has honestly served as a quick, informal assessment tool and a way for students to share their thinking. It would work in the same way after a short lecture, or on the final day of a unit to review for testing. Great site!   This site can certainly be used by educators at all grade levels to post thoughtful questions about their subject matter, and to elicit interactive, online conversations about any topic that the teacher chooses to post.  Teachers can choose to post several differentiated questions aimed at encouraging various levels of responses from their students.  Signing up for this site is free, and even students without their own email addresses can join (follow the prompts during sign-up).  In addition, only those people that are approved by the teacher/site administrator are allowed to join the group.  The teacher also has the ability to monitor and delete posts ~ for any reason.  This is one of the greatest interactive response tools I have found, and my students regularly beg me to respond to their comments and create new question threads. 


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TED, the Sixth Sense
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Search for pre-made smart notebook lessons according to standards or topic. Smart Response Lessons are available here too.

This site is divided into a grid containing pre-made lessons, smart response activities, and many resourses for helping you create smart lessons.

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