IMproving Partnerships and Active Collaboration for Teaching (IMPACT) Grant 


This professional development project is a partnership to improve teaching and learning in grades 5-12 in three subject areas: mathematics, language arts and social studies.

The partners include:

Each cohort consists of ten teachers.

  • Cohort 1 - Special education certified teachers studying mathematics
  • Cohort 2 - Language arts literacy 
  • Cohort 3 - Social Studies

Goals of the project include

  • Expanding the number of teachers who are highly-qualified, building capacity to meet 2009 revised state standards in targeted subject areas,
  • Increasing the level of integration of 21st century skills, technology, and global perspectives into instruction. 

The School Planning Teams in each school work with project staff to develop a coherent, articulated plan for school-based activities, including:

  • Alignment of the curriculum with state standards, incorporating 21st century skills, using technology appropriately
  • Integrating global perspectives into instruction
  • Coaching for participating teachers

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