Welcome to the STEM Center of the College of Science and Mathematics at Rowan (formerly known as McSiip: Mathematics, Computer, and Science Instructional Improvement Programs)

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McSiip was established in Fall 1984 as the South Jersey Math, Computer, and Science Instructional Improvement Program, with funding from the Eisenhower Higher Education Professional Development Program.  Over the first six years, McSiip provided a variety of professional development activities in all three content areas for more than 5000 teachers.  These ranged from one-day workshops in schools to multi-year projects.  Since that time, McSiip has continued to provide high-quality professional development for elementary, middle, and high school teachers of mathematics and science, seeking out funding opportunities to further their work. We hope that the information provided here will be helpful to you in learning more about improving science and mathematics education. Please contact us at or 856-256-4827 with any questions or comments.

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