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Counting to 100

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Counting by 2s, 3s, 4s

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Measurement,water displacement

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Addition, sums of 5

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Counting to ten

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Big and small

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Counting, zero, place value

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Counting, partitions of 10

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Night creatures

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Counting, zero, farm animals, seasons

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Counting backwards from ten

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Sorting, clothes

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Animal homes

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Rocks, classification

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Counting backwards, subtraction

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Number concepts

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Counting to ten

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Addition, sums of 10

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Counting to 20, animals

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Animals, endangered species

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Counting to 12.

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Counting from 13-24

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Counting to 5

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Counting, addition

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Counting to ten

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Counting to ten, one less than, pictographs

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Counting to ten

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Animal poems

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Counting, bar graphs, patterns

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Plant life cycle

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Size, time, spatial patterns, spiders

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Counting to ten

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Counting to ten

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Counting to 20, larger numbers

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Counting, graphs, one more

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Counting to 20, by 10s to 100, odd and even, one more than

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Counting by 1s and 2s

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Counting by 1s, 5s, 10s, 2s

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Counting, one more than

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Counting to 15

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Animals, shapes, sorting

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Animals, shapes, sorting

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Counting, one more than

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Trees, seasons

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Counting to 20

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Counting to ten

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Weight, physics

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Addition, subtraction

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Size, money

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Negative numbers

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Counting to 10

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Problem solving, ordinals

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Counting, adding/subtracting one

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Counting, fractions

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Counting to 43, color, size

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Counting to ten, zero

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Counting, one more than

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Counting to ten (multicultural)

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Counting, problem solving

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Number concepts, zero

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Counting (multicultural)

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Counting, counting on

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Number concepts, ordinal numbers

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Interdependence between plants and animals

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Money (dollars and cents)

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Money (dollars and cents)

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Counting, addition

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Counting to ten

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Mature and young animals

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Counting, place value

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Money to 25¢

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Ordinals, days of week

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Counting to 100, place value

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Counting to ten

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Counting to ten

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Counting to ten

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Measurement, 100

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Counting to 20

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Counting to ten

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Counting, numbers to 100, animals and their young

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Fiddler crabs

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Habitats, anatomy, behavior

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Adding one

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Classification, counting, groups of ten, graphing, even/odd, addition/subtraction

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Counting to 20, animals, addition

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Estimation, measurement

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Size, snails

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Counting to ten, one more than

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Sorting & classifying

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Counting, one more/less

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Counting to ten, part-whole, inside/outside, big/small, equivalent sets

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Counting to ten

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Counting, one-to-one correspondence, place value, wildflowers

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Life cycles

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Addition, sums of 11; number sentences

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Making furniture

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Counting, addition

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Even/odd, addition/subtraction

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Night journey

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Counting to ten

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Counting, partitions of 10

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Counting to ten, by 10s, infinity

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Shapes, patterns

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Counting to ten

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Counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s.

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Counting, patterns, one-to-one correspondence, more/less than

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Uses of numbers

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Animal behaviors

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Animal behaviors

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Counting, counting on

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Counting, subtraction

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Addition, place value

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Counting backwards, one more/less

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Time, division

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Growth, chickens

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Sorting, faster/slower

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Counting, money

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Counting, counting backwards

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Counting to ten

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Seasons, migration

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Graphing, counting

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Counting to 15

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Counting to 12

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Games (discrete math)

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Animal opposites

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Animal opposites

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Habitats, comparing size of objects

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Counting to ten

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Seedlings, measurement

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Counting, one-to-one correspondence

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Sequence of events

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