Certificate Of Graduate Study In Middle School Mathematics Education

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This program prepares elementary-certified teachers for the middle school subject area specialization in mathematics or for employment as an elementary mathematics specialist (coach). It provides an opportunity for middle grades teachers to deepen and extend their understanding of mathematics in the areas of number sense and numerical operations, geometry and measurement, algebra, data analysis, probability, and discrete mathematics. At the same time, they continue their professional development by exploring issues and innovations in mathematics education. Emphasis is placed on developing a thorough understanding of the content of state and national standards. The program is appropriate for teachers currently teaching mathematics in grades 4-8 who wish to enhance their skills and knowledge, those certified in secondary mathematics who wish to gain a deeper understanding of middle school mathematics, and those responsible for the development and articulation of curriculum and instruction in mathematics in the elementary and middle grades.

Janet H. Caldwell, Ph.D.
Program Advisor

Department of Mathematics, Robinson Hall
(856) 256-4827


Required Courses

MATH 01600 Topics in Elementary Mathematics 3 S.H.

MATH 01528 Math Modeling/Algebraic Reasoning 3 S.H

MATH 01523 Selected Topics in Mathematics 6 S.H.

Two different topics are required, such as Geometrical Reasoning and Data Analysis/Discrete Math

SMED 33502 School Math Processes/Principles 3 S.H.

ELEM 02552 Research in Children’s Math Learning 3 S.H.



Proposed New Schedule (6/14)

Spring - odd years
Math 01.528 Math Modeling/Algebraic Reasoning

Summer- odd years
Math 01.600 Topics in Elementary Mathematics

Fall - even years
ELED 02.552 Research in Children's Math Learning

Spring- even years
SMED 33.502 School Math Processes/Principles

Summer- even years
Math 01.523 Selected Topics: Data Analysis & Discrete Math

Fall -odd years
Math 01 .523 Selected Topics: Geometry

Application Information

For an application packet or for registration material, visit the graduate school web page at:



1. Students may take the courses in any sequence, but those desiring the Certificate of Graduate Study must matriculate after 6 S.H.

2. The Certificate of Graduate Study is not a State of New Jersey instructional certificate. Graduates of the program will have completed the mathematics coursework necessary for the Praxis II in middle school mathematics.

3. Elementary-certified teachers, upon achieving the passing score on that examination, would be eligible for the NJ mathematics subject area specialization.

4. Students seeking the middle-school mathematics subject areas specialization must also complete a course in adolescent development (undergraduate or graduate).