Math and Science Workshops at Rowan University

At this time, only ONLINE registrations will be accepted. Please DO NOT send any registrations in via phone, fax, email, or mail. (Please note: Submitting school paperwork does not constitute registration on our website; you must submit this online registration form with your contact information in order to receive a confirmation from us via email)

Once you submit the form below, please mail your Personal Check or Purchase Order from your school district to:

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Please register me for the following workshop(s):


Introduction to Simple Machines using Lego Mindstorms

Grades: 5 to 8, Date: 3/14/17, Facilitator: Dr. Eric Constans - Cost: $149

The Standards and Statistics

Grades: 7 to 12, Date: 3/16/17, Facilitator: Dr. Douglas Smith - Cost: $149

Mathematical Mindsets; The work of Dr. Carol Dweck and Dr. Jo Boaler

Grades: K to 8, Date: 3/23/17, Facilitator: Bill Smith - Cost: $149

Algebraic Thinking and Making Sense of Algebra in Elementary and Middle School

Grades: K to 8, Date: 3/28/17, Facilitator: Bill Smith- Cost: $149


Statistical Insight for High School Teachers

Grades: 9 to 12, Date: 4/7/17, Facilitator: Dr. Chris Lacke - Cost: $149

Good Questions for Inviting Learning in Mathematics

Grades: K to 8, Date: 4/11/17, Facilitator: Bill Smith - Cost: $149

Building Engaging & Innovative Problem Solving Lessons - Elementary

Grades: K to 5, Date: 5/15/17, Facilitator: Dr. Eric Milou - Cost: $149

Building Engaging & Innovative Problem Solving Lessons - Secondary

Grades: 6 to 12, Date: 5/16/17, Facilitator: Dr. Eric Milou- Cost: $149

Formative Assessment with Technology

Grades: 6 to 12, Date: 5/17/17, Facilitator: Dr. Eric Milou - Cost: $149

Nothing but Desmos – the most amazing math app on the Internet

Grades: 6 to 12, Date: 5/22/17, Facilitator: Dr. Eric Milou



To the address above, I will be mailing payment in the form of a:

Personal Check
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PO Number if known: otherwise please send at least two weeks before workshop


If you need to cancel, it must be done at least ONE WEEK prior to the date of the workshop.  All no-shows and late cancellations (less than one week) will be billed a $25 cancellation fee.

Confirmation and directions will be emailed to the email address provided above. Be sure to add us to your "Safe Senders" List or check your junk mail folder for your confirmation!

Please be advised that this form must be submitted at least 5 business days prior to the workshop start date or we cannot guarantee placement into the workshop.

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