at Rowan University

McSiip at the CSM STEM Center of Rowan University is offering a wide variety of engaging, hands-on workshops this fall with a focus on technology in mathematics and science education. A brief description of each workshop is provided below.

Presenters for workshops are Rowan University professors and staff and include: Dr. Janet Caldwell, Dr. Eric Milou, Dr. Jill Perry, Dr. Issam Abi-El-Mona, Dr. John Hermann, and Dr. Jennifer Kay.

All workshops are $135 per day (unless otherwise stated) and will be held at Rowan University with room locations to be given in your confirmation email.  The times vary, so please check the descriptions.  The participants in workshops from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm will receive a certificate for 5 PD hours (upon completion), will only have a few breaks, but no long lunch breaks. The participants in workshops from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm will receive a certificate for 6 PD hours (upon completion), and will have a 1/2 hour lunch break, so please bring a brown-bag lunch.

Be sure to click on the link in the description to view a full color flyer for each workshop, or click here for a brochure with all of our workshops listed!

Click Here! to REGISTER ONLINE. Please note that registrations via phone, fax, mail, or e-mail will NO LONGER be accepted. (Please note: Submitting school paperwork does not constitute registration on our website; you must submit the online registration form with your contact information in order to receive a confirmation from us via email.)

For more information please contact Jen Murphy at (856-256-4827)

Please register early – those who have been on our waiting lists know - space is limited!


Mathematics, Science and Technology Workshops
(Winter/Spring 2016)

Unless otherwise stated, all workshops run from 8:30 AM until 1:30 PM.

1. Math Coaches' Collaborative Series (This series is for anyone that works as a Specialist, Department Chair, Coach, or Supervisor in the Area of Mathematics)
Enhance your skills as a math coach or K-8 math specialist by learning and sharing ideas, successes, and concerns with other coaches. Let’s build a support community in which we can all learn and grow. Each session includes interactive presentations, activities, discussion with colleagues, and sharing. Each session also includes attention to leadership related to equity, teaching and learning, curriculum, and assessment.

Grades: K to 8, Presenters: Dr. Janet Caldwell & Dr. Jill Perry

1. Formative Assessment & Differentiated Instruction/Reflecting on Instruction
-Date: 3/1/16 - Cost: $135

2. Reflecting on Instruction/Change - Date: 5/3/16 - Cost: $135

2. Introduction to Programming LEGO EV3 Robotics for Absolute Beginners Two-Part Series
Come learn the basics of LEGO EV3 Robot Programming and discover a new way to bring math, science, and computer science content to your students both in and out of the classroom. No prior programming experience of any kind required. By the end of this Two-Part series, you (YES YOU!) will have programmed a robot to dance around the room. Focus is on grades 4-8 but open to K-12. Please note Part One is a pre-requisite to Part Two.

Please be advised that as of 2/24/16, there are only 2 (TWO) slots remaining for these workshops. If you do not receive a confirmation email from us, YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED, and will NOT be admitted to these workshops.

Part One - Date: 3/3/16, Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Kay - Cost: $135
Part Two -
Date: 4/5/16, Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Kay
- Cost: $135

3. Best Practices in Teaching and Assessing Elementary Mathematics 
Learn about research-based best practices in teaching and assessing math in grades K-5 through hands-on activities designed to improve student achievement. See how formative assessment, differentiated instruction, use of technology, and STEM can work together without overwhelming you or your students.
Grades: K to 5, Date: 3/8/16, Presenter: Dr. Janet Caldwell - Cost: $135

4. The Math PARRC 
eviewing all of the released items, preparing for the test and curriculum guidelines are all covered in this workshop.
Grades: 6 to 8, Date: 3/10/16, Presenter: Dr. Eric Milou - Cost: $135
Grades: 9 to 12, Date: 3/15/16, Presenter: Dr. Eric Milou - Cost: $135

5. Problem-Based Learning in Secondary Mathematics
Explore the what, why, and how of project-based learning for grades 6-12. Sample activities will illustrate how you can help your students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge of mathematical concepts and skills.
Grades: 6 to 12, Date: 3/22/16, Presenter: Dr. Janet Caldwell - Cost: $135

6. Fostering Growth Mindsets in Young Mathematicians
Through working collaboratively on engaging math problems, participants will learn structures, routines, and resources that support students' development of growth mindsets.
Grades: 6 to 12, Date: 3/29/16, Presenter: Dr. Jill Perry - Cost: $135

7. Math Leaders Meeting Series
Calling all math supervisors, coaches, teacher leaders and department chairs! Join us in a series of informal get-togethers to share successes, concerns and information relevant to mathematics instruction. There is NO CHARGE for this meeting, and PD certificates will NOT be issued, however registration is required.

Spring - Date: 4/7/16,Time: 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm, Facilitators: Dr. Janet Caldwell & Dr. Eric Milou

8. Using Technology Games, Apps, & Videos in the Mathematic Classroom
This workshop examines how mathematics teaching must adapt to the needs of the students in grades 6-8. Participants will discuss ways to engage and motivate students using games, apps, and videos.
Grades: 6 to 12, Date: 5/10/16, Presenter: Dr. Eric Milou - Cost: $135

9. Preparing for Viewing the USA 2017 Total Solar Eclipse - CANCELLED
Get ready for the August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse! Hands-on activities will include cell phone astronomy, planetarium, astrophotography, telephoto photography, recommended solar filters, science anaglyphs, viewers, and making model sundials.
Grades: 6 to 12, Date: 5/12/16, Presenter: Dr. John Hermann - Cost: $135

10. Desmos: an Online Graphing Calculator for Mathematics Lessons and Assessments
This workshop explores the free online graphing calculator Desmos and demonstrate innovative inquiry based lessons and formative assessments with Desmos.
Grades: 6 to 12, Date: 5/17/16, Presenter: Dr. Eric Milou - Cost: $135

11. Creating Innovative Digital Assessments in Mathematics
This workshop will demonstrate a plethora of digital tools to create assessments items including PARCC like items and formative assessments for grades 6-8.
Grades: 6 to 12, Date: 5/19/16, Presenter: Dr. Eric Milou - Cost: $135

12. Computer Science through Story-Telling and Games: Coding with Scratch for Beginners 
This workshop (designed for non-coders) introduces the Scratch programming language (a free download), and the Scratch approach to teaching “Creative Computing.”  Using Scratch, students can create everything from animations to video games while learning key concepts in computer science and computational thinking. We begin with basics; do activities to reframe negative ideas about coding; then progress to hands-on coding experience; and use Scratch clip art to code stories. Focus is on grades 4-8 but open to K-12.
Grades: K to 12, Date: 5/24/16, Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Kay - Cost: $135