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Aesthetics: the Philosophy of the Arts

Professor David Clowney Rowan University

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Reading Guides

Here are guides for several of your reading assignments. Just click on the appropriate link to call up the guide you want. Some of these are power-points, some are printed text.

Theodor Adorno, "On the Fetish-character in music and the Regression of Listening"

Arthur Danto, "After the End of Art"

John Dewey, selection from Art as Experience

Suzi Gablik, selections from Has Modernism Failed?

Hans Georg Gadamer, "The Hermeneutical Circle", from Truth and Method

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel - Philosophy of Fine Art (from Introduction to his Lectures on Aesthetics). Also see Hegel entry in Philosophers, artists and critics on art.


David Hume (annotated version of Hume's Of the Standard of Taste)

Wassily Kandinsky

Susanne Langer, "Feeling and Form"


Jennefer Robinson

Larry Shiner






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