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Why Does Art Matter?

Some answers that have been given:

- Just for its own sake, because we love to experience it
- As entertainment
- As training for the soul (Plato, especially in regard to music)
- As training for other things
- As a tourist attraction, or an attractive way to sell things
- As a mode of communication of the human spirit, different from other available modes because it uses images and symbols
- As a demonstration that the world has an order and purpose to it beyond what we can rationally explain or know (Kant)
- As a prophetic challenge to society
- As therapy
- As decoration
- As a way to see the world
- As play (this would include the "free play" idea of Kant and Schiller)

What do you think? Why do the arts matter to you? What would the world be like for you without them? Go to the Rowan Web Board to join a discussion about this question.


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