Peer Review sheet for critical essay

Peer reviewer____________________


Description: Does the review

1. Identify the venue for the work/event?

2. Describe it well enough to give me a sense of what it's like, and whether it would interest me, without overwhelming me with detail?

3. Place the work in any important categories it obviously fits in, relate it to other work in that category, and point out any unique features?

4. If relevant, place the work in its social or historical context.

Evaluation: Does the review

5. Identify strengths and weaknesses of the work, and say why they are strengths and weaknesses?

6. Describe strengths and weaknesses specifically and concretely, so that others could respond to the description?

Do we know what standards the reviewer is using for evaluation?

Aesthetic issues: Does the review

7. Identify any questions of aesthetics raised by the work?

8. Make any contribution of its own to the discussion of those questions?