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Campus Aesthetics and Environmental Committee

The Campus Aesthetics and Environmental Concerns Committee reviews and recommends proposed changes that affect the aesthetic quality of the campus environment; recommends acceptance or rejection of proposals to the university president; reviews existing aesthetic qualities and recommends needed changes and addresses campus environmental concerns that affect the health and well-being of the university community and/or the natural environment.

Campus Aesthetics & Environ. Concerns  
Chair, Mat Gendreau Faculty
Gabriela Hristescu Faculty
Keith Brand Faculty
Patrick Crumrine Faculty
Scott Morschauser Faculty
Danielle Drutz Faculty
Mary Salvante Professional Staff
Jeanine Dowd Professional Staff
Daniel Folkinshteyn Faculty or Professional Staff
Stephen Levine Faculty or Professional Staff
Gabby Lisella Faculty or Professional Staff
Bruce Whitham AFT Representative
Maria Britt CWA Representative
Katarina DeFelice SGA Representative
Samuel Duren SGA Representative
Anthony Wohlrab SGA Representative