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University Budget and Planning Committee

Maintains a meaningful dialogue on budget and planning decisions between the University Administration and the University Senate.

University Budget & Planning   
Chair, Chris Simons Faculty, Math/Science
Co-Chair,  Executive Director of Budget & Planning
DeMond Miller Vice President - Senate 
Yuhui Li Faculty-Humanities/Social Sciences
Robert Scarpa Faculty-Business
Sandy Tweedie Faculty-Communication/Creative Arts
Stephen Cone Faculty-Education
Parth Bhavsar Faculty-Engineering
Lane Savadove Faculty-Performing Arts
Bonnie Angelone Faculty-Math/Science
Evan Goldman Faculty-CMSRU
Andriy Pavlenko Faculty-SOM
Jill Gower Faculty
Lorenzo Matthew Professional Staff
Ashley Shaw Professional Staff
Sharon An Professional Staff
Esther Mummert AFT Representative
Denise Williams CWA Representative
Alexcia Mazahreh SGA Vice President or CFO



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