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Tenure and Recontracting

Develops procedures ensuring equitable treatment for all faculty/professional staff, screens candidates not under tenure or multi-year contracts, and recommends to the University President those qualified for retention. Cannot serve concurrently on Departmental Tenure & Recontracting Committee. 

Tenure & Recontracting materials are due in the Senate Office (Room 432 Campbell Library) on or before 12pm NOON, Wednesday, April 1, 2015.

Please submit 1 Original Folder. If submitting a Supplemental Folder, only 1 folder is needed.  Candidates no longer must submit 7 hard copy folders.

BE SURE TO READ THE 2014-15 T&R MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT. Click the link below. 

Significant Changes for 2014-15:

As of 2014, three significant changes are as follows:

1) Extension of the pre-tenure period to 6 years as per the changes in the New Jersey Tenure Law. Individuals hired before July 16, 2014 will be granted tenure after 5 consecutive years of service as per N.J.S.A. §18A: 60-8, and individuals hired on or after July 16, 2014 will be granted tenure after 6 consecutive years of service as per N.J.S.A. §18A: 60-16. Therefore, candidates should consult the review cycle and appropriate documentation changes (2.6422, 2.65) appropriate for his/her tenure period. Professional Staff are unaffected by the change in statute.

2) Addition of an external reviewer to the tenure-recontracting portfolio (2.1114, 2.515). Candidates will provide the Chair of the Departmental T&R Committee with 3 names of external reviewers, which will be vetted by the Chair and approved by the Dean or similar designee. These external reviewers should not have conflicts of interest with the candidate.

3) Librarians will now submit their recontracting packets to the Senate Tenure and Recontracting Committee, then to the Associate Provost of Library Information Services, making them in line with other positions

Please note that external reviewers will only be needed for candidates hired after July 14.

As of 2013, materials will be submitted to the University Senate Blackboard "assignments". Access to these submissions will be password restricted and the submissions will be eliminated at the end of the year. In addition, 1 original of each applicant's recontracting materials and a supplemental folder (if used) will need to be submitted to the University Senate Office and, ultimately, to the President's Office.

The processes/procedures for the Faculty and Librarians in the Cooper University Medical School at Rowan (CMSRU) have been addressed in side letters of agreement between Rowan University and AFT 2373 based on the key concepts and procedures presented in this document. Those side letters are attached as appendices.

The T&R and Promotion MOAs are also available at the Provost's Website.

Tenure & Recontracting Chairperson - Rick Dammers (

For additional information and help:

  • Check out a Prezi Presentation of the T&R process, valuable information, and tips for departments and candidates. Click the following link link -   
  • See our presentation 
  • Use the appropriate review form (below).
  • Visit the FACULTY CENTER. Contact: Deb Martin, (, Director 

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