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Curriculum Committee

Reviews proposals for title and credit changes, minors, concentrations, specializations, major programs, courses, certifications, reorganization for academic department/college offerings, and new or revised University-wide curricular patterns; reviews proposals to create, dissolve or significantly reconstitute academic department or colleges; forwards recommendations to the Senate and then to the executive vice president/provost.

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Chair, Erin Herberg Writing Arts
Jen Nicholson Faculty-Business
Ozge Uygur Faculty-Business
Drew Kopp Faculty-Communication/Creative Arts
Dan Strasser Faculty-Communication/Creative Arts
Dick Fopeano Faculty-Education
Marjorie Madden Faculty-Education
John Schmalzel Faculty-Engineering
Robert P. Hesketh Faculty-Engineering
Leslie Elkins Faculty-Performing Arts
Robert Rawlins Faculty-Performing Arts
Maria Rosado Faculty-Humanities/Social Sciences
Jane Hill Faculty-Humanities/Social Sciences
Nancy Tinkham Faculty-Math/Science
Hieu Nguyen Faculty-Math/Science
Gisselle Mayock Faculty-CMSRU
Aubrey Olson Faculty-SOM
David Vaccaro Professional Staff
Denise Brush Librarian
Joe Rudin AFT Representative
Rebecca Crowther SGA Representative
Christine Collins SGA Representative              
April Gambardella SGA Representative              
Davide Ceriano Performing Arts (Fall only)