rowan university

General Procedure

The most common curriculum proposals are courses, specializations, concentrations, minors, and minor curricular changes such as course titles, small changes in already approved courses or programs, catalog descriptions (including prerequisites or course numbers), and course deletions. Any of these curricular proposals must have a sponsor(s) who will assume responsibility for:

  • Developing the proposal according to the Senate Curriculum Committee Proposal
  • completing the Senate Curriculum Committee Approval Form
  • Seeking consultation(s) with department representatives, and/or other individuals whose discipline or content area is reflected in the proposal
  • Supporting (or sending a representative to support) the proposal at the Senate Curriculum Committee Open Hearing (if necessary)

The other three (3) forms of curriculum proposals are major program, certification program and achievement certificates. Major programs should be written according to the State-approved formats (including a preliminary Program Announcement), and will be submitted to the President's Council (if necessary) after approval by the Senate, the President, and the Rowan University NJ Board of Trustees. Guidelines list the important issues that the Senate Curriculum Committee would like to see addressed in any new program proposal. The President's Council has also produced guidelines for new programs to be described in a Program Announcement (PA), which will be reviewed by the Academic Affairs and Student Life Committee of the Board of Trustees before dissemination to other colleges in the state. Graduate program sponsors should also consult with the Graduate Council and the Graduate Dean in the development phase of any proposal. Certification programs must be written in accordance with a State-approved format. After completion of the Senate Curriculum process, certification programs and achievement certificate proposals may have to be approved by the Rowan Board of Trustees and in certain circumstances may have to be approved by the President's Council.