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Minor Curricular Change Proposal Format

Course Title changes, Degree/Department/College Name changes, Small changes to approved Major degree program (three or less), Changes in approved minors, specializations, concentrations, certificates, Catalog Descriptions Changes, Prerequisite Changes, Credit Hours, Changes in Course Content, Changes of Course Number, Course Deletion.


  1. Change Requested (From and To)
  2. Sponsor(s)


  1. Statements of "need" for such a change.
  2. Statements of curricular effect. How the change will impact on program, department and/or curricular design.
  3. Changes in requirements of Major or Minor should be stated in “From” and “To” form so that Curriculum Committee members can see the transition.

Results of Consultation

  1. List all parties consulted. Letters of consultation MUST be included from all departments or programs (NOT INDIVIDUALS) that have similar course content or might otherwise be affected by this proposal. If the proposal is inter- disciplinary, evidence concerning consultation with all departments potentially involved must be included.
  2. Attach written evidence of consultation results.

Relocation of Courses (Moving Courses to a Different Department)

  • The proposal will follow the format for a minor curricular change (see C-1 to 3 above).
  • Both departments must sponsor the proposal.
  • The regular curricular procedures will be followed.