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Prospective Students

Frequently Asked Questions – Exploratory Studies Program (ESP)

What courses will I take during my first semester?
Your academic advisor will assist you with customizing your schedule to include courses that allow you to explore your academic interests while still fulfilling requirements for graduation.  All Rowan University students are required to take courses to fulfill general education and Rowan Experience requirements.  Many of your first-year courses will fall into these categories.

What is Exploratory Studies Program (ESP) Workshop?
ESP Workshop is a first-year seminar designed to give Exploratory Studies students tips for academic success and information on various degree programs, careers and campus leadership opportunities.

What is Registration Express?
First-year Exploratory Studies students have the opportunity to earn early registration by attending specific ESP Workshop sessions and completing follow up assignments related to these sessions.  The ESP Workshop will be on your Fall schedule.

When do I need to declare a major?
Students need to declare a major before earning 60 credits (typically this is the end of the sophomore year).  Students who do not choose a major after earning 60 credits will be assigned to Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Science.  The Exploratory Studies Program is designed to help students connect with resources to make an informed choice of academic major.

How do I declare a major?
Please visit the University Advising Center to determine any special requirements for your intended major.  You may complete a change of major form in this office.

Will I have an academic advisor?
All Exploratory Studies students receive academic advisement through the University Advising Center.  Please call 856-256-4459 to schedule an appointment.