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Online Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness

Student Evaluations for Classes

The online "Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness" is available last 5 weeks of the semester in Banner. Instructors must submit a request for their students to have access (see instructions below). Accommondations can be requested for special situations such as team teaching and short courses.

The evaluation has been optimized for display on small screens (such as for cell phones and other mobile devices). Instructors are encouraged to use class time for their students to complete the evaluation. Please note that instructors are required to leave the room while their students complete the evaluation.

Instructions for instructors to request the evaluation:

1. Go to
2. Click "Access Banner Services - Secure Area - login Required."
3. Enter User ID and PIN.
4. Click on the "Faculty Services" tab.
5. Click "Request Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness.”
6. Select one of the classes that you are currently teaching.
7. Click “Submit.”
8. Repeat for other classes.

Please inform your students that you have requested the evaluation for your class(es) and pass on to them the following instructions so that they may access the evaluation:

1. Go to
2. Click "Access Banner Services - Secure Area - login Required."
3. Enter User ID and PIN.
4. Click "Personal Information."
5. Click "Answer a Survey."
6. Click on one of the student evaluations for your classes.
7. Complete the student evaluation.
8. Click “Survey Complete” to submit your completed student evaluation.
9. Repeat for other classes.

Instructors may monitor the number of student evaluations completed and automatically send reminder e-mails to only those students who have not yet completed the evaluation. Go to the “View Student Evaluations of Teaching Effectiveness Requested” page in Banner, listed as a menu option under the “Faculty Services” tab.

Michele Pich
Faculty Center

Student Evaluation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Updated Fall 2015)

Committee for Online Teaching Evaluations (2015-2016)

The Senate and the Office of the Provost have asked the Faculty Center to assemble an ad hoc committee for the purpose of addressing issues surrounding assessment of teaching.

Joint Provost-Senate-AFT Student Online Evaluations Taskforce Recommendations & Implementation Strategy - June 10, 2016

Deb Martin, (chair) Director of the Faculty Center
Cheryl Bodnar, Chemical Engineering
Jeff Bonfield, Director of Assessment
Daniel Folkinshteyn, Accounting and Finance
Ane Johnson, Educational Services and Leadership
Stacey Leftwich, Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Education
Joann Manning, Educational Services and Leadership
Michele Pich, Assistant Director of the Faculty Center
Mark Raivetz, Educational Services and Leadership
Courtney Richmond, AFT Rep., Biological Sciences
Lorraine Ricchezza, Global Learning and Partnerships
Carla Sbrana, Educational Technologist in the Faculty Center

Joint Senate-AFT Student Evaluations Taskforce 2011-2012
Deb Martin & Jill Perry, Co-Chairs
Task Force Members:
Bill Freind, Mira Lalovic-Hand, Marilyn Manley, Jeff Maxson, Joy Xin, Marilena (Olga) Vilceanu, Anne Pinder

Recommendations & Implementation Strategy - April 30, 2012

Previous Work completed by Student Ratings Learning Community, Marilyn Manley, Facilitator

Spring 2008 Faculty Center Student Ratings Learning Community Report

Fall 2009 Faculty Center Student Ratings Learning Community Report

Student Evaluation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Updated Spring 2010)

Alignment of the New Student Evaluation in Banner with the Recontracting and Tenure Memorandum of Agreement

Reserving Rowan Computer Labs

Student Course Evaluation Questions