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Faculty Center

Rowan University
Faculty Programs

Mentoring Program

The Faculty Center facilitates mentoring programs for tenure-track faculty.

Mid-Semester Focus

The MSF on teaching and learning is a mid-semester evaluation technique that provides instructors with rich and meaningful feedback from their students regarding the learning environment in a course. The process is entirely voluntary and data confidential.

Faculty Learning Communities

A Faculty Learning Community is a cross-disciplinary group of six to twelve people who come together for a year-long adventure in active, collaborative, and dialogic learning. Participants become a community of learners, not a decision-making body, task-force, or committee.

Faculty Online Teaching Course

The Faculty Online Teaching (FOT) course sponsored by the Faculty Center and Rowan Online is a totally online 8-week course in Canvas, which gives participants the experience of being an online student while exploring the pedagogy of online teaching and the teaching tools available in Canvas. Most of the course is asynchronous with group work that has synchronous components.

Previous participants have been a mix from no online experience to numerous years and from adjunct to full time. Everyone who has completed the course has been really glad they took the course and immediately applied what they were learning to both online and F2F classes.

Lunch With The Provost

Our Provost, Jim Newell, hosts an informal faculty/professional staff lunch in the Provost's conference room, Bole Hall from 12:30-1:45 p.m. Conversations are open and the agenda is determined by the faculty/staff in attendance.


RILED, the Rowan Instructional Leadership and Educational Development teachers' consortium is housed in the Faculty Center at Rowan University. Their mission is to advocate on behalf of Rowan's tenure-track instructors and provide them with opportunities for professional development and leadership in teaching excellence on campus.