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Schools and Campus Overview

All Rowan University campuses are able to use the electronic Banner Effort Reporting certification and review module except for some Cooper Medical School at Rowan University grants and projects. Those projects are still utlitizing and maintaining the paper-based reporting process. Please contact Effort Certification Administration for more information.





Effort Certification Administration

Eric Gregory
Audit Compliance Specialist, Division of University Research
(856) 256-4058



Comply with the Office of Management and Budget’s regulatory requirements and other sponsor requirements related to certification of effort expended on a project. Effort reporting is a federal requirement and is detailed and promulgated in the regulations and cost principles published by the federal government.


OMB Combined circular requires institutions who are recipients of federal funding to develop a system or program to effectively capture and certify university-compensated effort expended on federal grants and projects. Rowan University utilizes an after-the-fact Effort Reporting system based on compensated effort (payroll distributions). Effort Certification is also considered important and necessary for state sponsored projects.


Effort Reporting is the process by which the University determines and documents the university-compensated effort expended on federal and state sponsored projects and grants. Rowan University utilizes a web-based Banner Effort Reporting module to account for the effort for the following categories of university personnel:

  • Faculty in schools of Rowan University
  • Personnel, staff, and students
  • Non-exempt paid support staff
  • Part-time, hourly paid support staff

The Banner Effort Reporting system documents the proportion of time devoted to sponsored projects, teaching, clinical practice, and other activities, expressed as a percentage of total University compensated effort, which is based on salary distribution/payroll records. To use the Effort Reporting system, you need to log into the Self Service Banner module, log in, click the employee tab and then scroll down and click the link titled: Effort Certification.Click here to go to Self Service Banner.

The University completes effort certification by requiring periodic effort reports for each individual whose salary or pay is charged to one or more sponsored projects during the effort reporting period. Effort reports capture the percentages of the individual’s total effort that is dedicated to sponsored project(s) and other University activities. The effort reports requires certification and review.

Research administration is responsible for the creation and administration of the effort reporting system and associated forms created, issued, and used by Principal Investigators and other Rowan University personnel and staff required to certify and review effort reports.

Pre-Reviewers are Department Administrators that manage grants and sponsored projects for faculty and other Principal Investigators in their departments. The role of the Pre-Reviewer is to review the percentages, funds identified and then click on review in the effort report to move it forward in the effort certification process. Pre-Reviewers can also identify changes required to the grants and projects and use normal post-award accounting procedures to update the grants and sponsored projects so that the effort report is an accurate representation of the payroll costs related to that grant or sponsored project.

Principal Investigators are responsible for ensuring that effort reports associated with their sponsored projects are completed in a timely manner, certifying their own effort report and reports associated with their sponsored projects, and reviewing effort reports that are certified. Principal Investigators will have approximately four (4) weeks, or 20 business days, to review personnel effort reports that are certified. Principal Investigators are alternate certifiers of effort reports and have the ability to certify any effort report associated with their sponsored project.


Time and Effort Reporting is broken out into two (2) approximate periods of reporting:

  • First Period – Pay ID #’s 15 to 26 (July 1 to December 31)
  • Second Period – Pay ID #’s 1 to 14 (January 1 to June 30)

Time and Effort Reports are collected two (2) times per year

  • Summer Fall (First Period) – First half of fiscal year (Approximate date of July 1 to December 31)
  • Winter Spring (Second Period) – Second half of fiscal year (Approximate date of January 1 to June 30)

Due to the payroll period dates and payments, there may be times when the above periods and Pay ID's do not match the dates listed above. However, because our effort reporting system spans the entire fiscal year in relation to payroll ID #’s, the entire year of effort is certified.


Pre-Reviewers - Department Administrators who are responsible for the administration of grants and sponsored projects in their department. Pre-Reviewers review effort reports to ensure charges are correct and reflect the salary distributions of the grant and/or sponsored project. Process changes to the grants and sponsored projects payroll costs to update an effort report prior to forwarding it along for certification and review. Pre-review of the effort reports are required to move the effort reports forward in the certificaiton and review process. Pre-Reviwers also include Grants Analysts, but Grants Analysts do not have to review an effort report. Grants Analysts have view access to work through adjustments that may be required during the effort report certification and review procedures.

Certifiers - Employee paid from the sponsored project in which an effort report was generated. Certifiers should certify their own effort reports, but Principal Investigators can certify for the employee.

Alternate Certifiers - Principal Investigators (PI) are assigned as alternate certifiers. PI's can certify any effort report associated with their sponsored projects. PI's must certify any effort report associated with their sponsored project if the certifier has not certified the report.

Post-Reviewers - Principal Investigators are assigned as Post-Reviewers. Post-Reviewers must review any effort report associated with their sponsored projects. If a Proxy has been identifed and approved, then the Proxy must complete the steps that a Post-Reviewer would complete.

Proxies - Proxies are individuals that have a first hand, direct knowledge of work performed for individuals paid from a grant or sponsored project. A Principal Investigator may assign an individual as a Proxy, but before the Proxy can be assigned, Effort Certification Administration must review and approve the request.

Effort Report Overview

In the Upper right corner of the effort report, there is a box titled Effort Report Overview. Below is some information about the tabs in the Effort Report Overview box.

Status - Indicates the current place in the routing queue of the effort report. If dates exist in that tab, then those are the dates when an activity can be performed.

Effort Dates - Provides the dates related to the activities associated with completing an effort report. For Glassboro and Camden campus effort reports, there is a Certification Period and a Post-Review End date. Certification period is when a report can be certified, and the Post-Review End is the date that the PI/Post-Reviewers must complete the report.

For the Stratford campus effort reports, there is an additional period, in addition to the Certification Period and Post-Review End date. That period is called the Begin Pre-Review. That date represents the time the RowanSOM Department Administrators can review the effort report, ensure it is reasonably accurate, and then click Review to move the effort report to the Certification and Post Review stages.

Pay Dates - Represent the Payroll dates associated with the effort report and that were used to develop and display the percentages of time and effort on the effort report.



Certifier and Principal Investigator Manual - Click here to open a PDF version of the manual

Abridged PI Certifier and Review Manual - Click here to open a PDF version of the manual

Pre-Reviewer Manual - Click here to open a PDF version of the manual