Office of Sponsored Programs

Policies & Procedures

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is the single source for information and for administration of all research and/creative activity proposals and contracts on campus.  Any proposed project, whether submitted to the government, foundation, or corporate funding source, must be reviewed by OSP prior to submission and receive institutional approvals. This includes projects where Rowan will be a subaward to another institution.


Conflict of Interest Policy
Costing Policy
Cost Share Policy
Cost Transfer Policy
Federal Drawdown Policy
Grants Disbursed by the Environmental Protection Agency
Indirect Distribution Policy - FY14 to FY19
Internal Deadline for Proposals
Principal Investigator Guidelines and Eligibility (Section 4.26 in the Faculty Handbook)
Record Retention Policy
Research Administration
Subrecipient Monitoring


Effort Reporting
Federal Fly America Act procedures and waiver form
Research Agreement between Rowan University and The Cooper Health System
Responsible Conduct of Research Training (RCR)
Subrecipient v. Vendor v. Consultant chart

University, federal, and state regulations related to the administration and management of awards can be found here

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