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Course Equivalency Page

Important Notice for Transfer Students:

As of Fall 2008, the course Intermediate Algebra will NO LONGER be accepted in transfer as counting for earned hours towards graduation.

As of Fall 2009, the course Computer Literacy will NO LONGER be accepted in transfer as counting for earned hours towards graduation.

Note: Both of these courses are equivalent to basic skill level courses at Rowan and therefore no credit is granted.

An equivalency is part of an articulation agreement between two institutions facilitating accurate and efficient transfer between those institutions. An equivalency is a determination by both the community college and the university that a specific course(s) at one institution is equivalent in content and credit to a specific course(s) at the other institution. By comparing equivalencies, official transcripts can be easily evaluated to grant transfer credit, which apply toward degree requirements at RU. Transfer students can expect a "seamless" transfer if following a transfer plan based on equivalencies.

Note: An established equivalency guarantees the transfer of courses between institutions. However, the right to determine how a course applies to degree requirements is reserved by specific programs.

Additional transcripts received after the initial transcript evaluation are processed and completed on a first-in basis. Updates to your student record  after the initial transcript evaluation should be reviewed on Self Service Banner.

Current students sending updated transcripts should send them to:

Office of the University Registrar
Savitz Hall • First Floor
Attn: Transfer Credit Evaluation
201 Mullica Hill Rd
Glassboro, NJ 08028-1701

Students need not obtain signatures from the Division of Evaluation for permission to register at any community college below. Rather, students should consult with an Advisor and review the equivalents listed herein to make sure it is sufficient. Equivalents listed have been authorized by the Division of Evaluation; accordingly, additional signatures of the Office of the Registrar are not necessary for courses contained herein.

Core Course Equivalents

NOTE: Fine and Performing Arts majors are evaluated on the basis of their earned grades, portfolio review, and auditions. As such, transfer credit is analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Accordingly, majors in Health and Exercise Science are reviewed on the basis of their earned grades, specialization chosen, their consultation with advisors, and the transfer package presented.


Military Activity, Veterans, & Transfer Credit

All students using VA Education Benefits are required to submit their transcripts from all previous educational institutions, including military transcripts.  

Providing a copy of the DD214 will allow minimal credential awards. Providing ACE transcript recommendations typically describe greater detail and result in more robust transfer awards.


College of Education Course Equivalents


Two Year Institutions

Four Year Institutions

New Jersey Transfer

NOTE: Transfer courses are not subject to Rowan University Repeat Policy guidelines. While Transfer credit may be applied to the Rowan degree program, TRANSFER Grades DO NOT TRANSFER and are not included within the Rowan G.P.A.