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Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee - Glassboro Campus

New! - Recently, an interim policy related to the use of controlled substances in laboratory animals was approved and is available on the Sponsored Programs Policies & Procedures webpage. Click here to view the interim policy.

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Meeting Information

Contact Information

Applicant Information, Forms and Submission Process

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection


Suspension of Animal Studies



Mission of the Rowan IACUC

Rowan University's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) mission is to assure the safe and ethical treatment of animals in research. Federal and university regulations require that all research involving animals conducted by Rowan faculty, staff, and students be reviewed and approved by the IACUC before initiation.



Some of the following documents are provided in PDF format. You will need the free Acrobat Reader software at the Adobe Website.

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Meeting Information

The IACUC meets on an as needed basis to review protocols. Two (2) mandatory meetings occur in June and December so that the IACUC can conduct site/facility inspections and review the animal care and use program. These meetings can also be used to review any newly submitted research protocols.

Submission Schedule - As needed

The IACUC members are composed of the Chair, scientists, facility/lab managers, attending veterinarian, non-affiliated (outside) community member, and a non-scientist. Committee members are responsible for the reviews and approvals of IACUC protocols and the day-to-day management of the animal care and use program located on Rowan University's Glassboro campus.

Contact Information

For public and general inquiries, submission of study protocols, forms and applications, and other administrative inquiries and concerns, please send an email to the IACUC Administration or contact by phone: (856) 256-4078.

IACUC Administration is located on the 3rd Floor of Education Hall, Glassboro Campus.

Applicant Information, Forms and Submission Process

Application Form (Use this link to obtain the application in Microsoft Word IACUC Application)

Modification Form (Use this link to obtain the Modification/Amendment form in Word) This form is required when changes to the approved protocol or any other approved protocol modifcations done prior to are needed. Some examples include but are not limited to changes of species or medical procedures (surgery) and changes of key personnel (PI or Co-PI).

Annual Renewal/Notification Form
This form is required on an annual basis to notify the IACUC that your research protocol is current and on-going. This form can also be used during the Annual Renewal submission to identify changes or revisions to the approved protocol. Some examples include but are not limited to changes of species or medical procedures (surgery) and changes of key personnel (PI or Co-PI).

To review Health Screening Questionnaires and other health related medical forms to be completed prior to employment / working in the animal facility click on the following: Additional IACUC Forms

Instructions for Completing the IACUC Application Form

Please complete the form in its entirety, obtain the appropriate signatures, and send the completed and signed application to the Research Office, Attention to Karen Heiser: 3rd Floor James Hall. If sending an electronic copy of the application, send to when submitting the electronic, completed and signed IACUC application and additional forms and documentation. As a courtesy, researchers are encouraged to send an electronic version of the application to the Chair, Gerald Hough.

The IACUC application and protocol review process has a two week review period, but there may be situations in which the review process may be extended. If you would like to pre-review submission of the IACUC protocol by the attending veterinarian, then please contact the IACUC administration to request the attending veterinarian review. After the review is completed, you will have to resubmit the IACUC application and protocol to the IACUC for review. The IACUC still reserves the tw week review period in cases where the attending veterinarian has conducted a pre-review.


New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Is your research going to involve exotic or nongame wildlife?

If so, then you may need to register with the State of New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Agency (click here to go the NJ DEP home page). All Exotic and Nongame permits expire December 31 of the year of issue (unless otherwise noted). Annual Renewal - Report Form Applications must be received by January 31, 2013. If not received by January 31 permit holders will be subject to penalties and fines. If you would like to review the regulations, please click here.

Click here to review the permit requirements and to obtain forms.

Click here to go to the listing of species requiring permits.

Click here to go the the exemption list of species. This list includes species that do not require permits.


The specific type of training required is dependent upon the trainee’s role related to Animal Care and Use. The following training is offered through CITI:

IACUC Members and IACUC Staff, IACUC Community Members, and Research Administrators and Staff Training is for staff and administrators of the IACUC, research administration, and members of the IACUC

Institutional Official – Animal Care and Use Training is ONLY for an Institutional Official named to the University, College, or School

Researchers training is for Principal Investigators, co-investigators and other investigators

Animal Technicians training is for Vivarium Managers, Vivarium Staff, Animal Facility Manager or Animal Facility Staff

Students working with Animals training is for students conducting research and experiments on animals. Note, if a student is working as a Vivarium or Animal Facility staff, then the student must complete Animal Technicians training

For species specific training, please select the training that is appropriate for your research related to any specific species in the list. For example, if your work will involve zebra fish, then you should select 'I work with Zebra fish'

For the investigators and their staff, the species specific training depends upon the animal species you are working with. When the appropriate species are selected, the required courses and modules are opened. Module redundancies are eliminated when selecting more than one species.

CITI Training - Home Page
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Suspension of Animal Studies

The Institutional Official and any other members of the IACUC committee can suspend animal research if there is significant evidence and/or findings that the animal research was not reviewed and approved by the IACUC Commitee, the research activities were not reviewed and approved by the IACUC committee, or there is blatant and obvious deficiencies and problems in the performance of the animal research. If there is a situation which calls for the suspension of a study, then the following must occur:

  1. Notification to the IACUC Chairperson and Institutional Official
  2. IACUC Committee meets (convenes)
  3. At the time of the meeting, the IACUC committee members present have to come to a majority vote (greater than 50% of the voting members present) to suspend the research
  4. Notification to the Institutional Official regarding the suspension and details around the suspension should be documented
  5. If applicable, further notifications to sponsors or other regulatory agencies may be required

If conducting work with animals, and you need to post a sign providing direction to individuals that may want to report animal welfare concerns, please use this poster.

Application Status
List of Approved Protocols - Submit requests to the Research Office.