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Protecting Your Textbooks From Theft


Textbooks are an important part of your educational experience at ROWAN. They contain valuable information for your studies and are necessary for the successful completion of your academic career. After purchasing your textbooks, you'll also find they are worth a considerable amount of money!

Unfortunately, textbooks are sometimes stolen by thieves when the opportunity presents itself. We often hear victims say that "I only left my books unattended for five minutes!" yet it only takes a thief less than a minute to take them.

To help protect your property, the Crime Prevention Officer reminds you:

  • Always keep your valuables secured and out of sight,
  • Never leave your valuables unattended, even for a minute.
  • Participate in our "Project Booksaver!"

Here's how you can participate in three easy steps:

  1. As soon as you've purchased your books and know that you're going to complete the course, write your name, in ink, inside the cover of the book. (Remember, you can't return a book for a full refund if you've written in it.)
  2. Next, choose a specific page within the text, and write your social security number somewhere on the page. We recommend you choose the same page for each one of your books. Then, complete the semester Inventory Card for all your books, which includes the title, author, and price, along with the page you wrote your social security number on.
  3. Place a "Project Booksaver! " sticker on the cover. This helps to deter theft because the book is traceable.

By completing these three steps, you can verify that the textbook belongs to you. Further, if the book is stolen, Public Safety can investigate the theft and determine who sold the book back to the bookstore.

It's in your interest!!

For further information on crime prevention programs, contact the Department of Public Safety at 256-4922.