Public Safety

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5 SCPP Positions

  1. Escort Team
  2. Academic Buildings
  3. Library
  4. Security Gate
  5. Desk Operations

Escort Team

  • Pick up radio and flashlight at 7:00
  • Check Code Blue phones
  • Make community contacts
  • Attend breifing in Magnolia su-station at 8:00
  • When called for an escort, stop what you are doing, and go directly to escort
  • Fill out paper work accurately, escorts names and where they came from and where to.
  • Also document any lights that are not working on campus by #
  • Make sure that you document any Code Blue phones that are not working
  • Radio terminology
  • 505-Escort team, 500-Gloria
  • Speak clearly into the radio, after the beep has finished
  • At end of 1st shift, meet at Magnolia and wait for the 2nd shift to arrive.

Academic Buildings

  • Get radio at 7:00
  • Upon arrival at Academic building, do a walk through making sure that all is okay
  • Station yourself at the desk designated in your given building
  • Make a walk through every hour
  • Remain highly visible at the times that classes let out
  • Leave building in order for you to return to Triad at 10:00


  • Get radio. Do walk through of library making sure that all is okay
  • Station yourself at the desk near main entrance
  • Upon the closing of the library make sure that everyone leaves the library
  • At the end of your shift, wait for your relif to show. If they do not show after 15 minutes
  • Call senior practitioner and you are free to leave

Security Gate

  • Arrive in Triad to pick up your radio at 9:00
  • Help all the people who appears as though need help
  • Return to Triad at 4:00 to turn in radio

Desk Operations

  1. First duty begins at 7:00 p.m.
  2. Get ready for work
    • Phone - plug in if needed, check to make sure it is working
    • Log book and binder
    • Card box
    • Overnight guest permissions forms
    • Overnight guest passes
    • Read information since the last time that you worked, log, ON guest sheet, etc.
    • Keep information organized and secure at all times.
  3. Sign in
    • Acknowledge guests and hosts (Host MUST be there)
    • Ask for ID from both host and guests
      • Check for validity
      • Check for acceptable ID's
      • (Driver's license, school ID, Military ID, Passport, Social Security Card, etc.)
      • Document on sign in sheet
        • Host and guest names, type of ID, room #, phone #, time in
    • Place ID's in card box
  4. Overnight guest passes
    • Both roommates must be present to complete form
    • Get both signatures
    • Get name of visitor and time of visit
      • Check ID of guest and host
      • Document on sign in sheet
      • Fill out ON and check info
      • Return all ID's
    • Proctor must sign form
    • In the event of a special situation, contact the RHD or the professional staff
    • Anyone who chooses to stay beyond the check out time MUST get an ON guest pass
    • Anyone who comes in after the check out time MUST get an ON guest pass
  5. Check out policy
    • Host must be there with guest
    • Check time and document on sheet
    • Return ID's
    • Guest not allowed to return to room, must either exit the building or go into the lounge (if applicable)
    • Document all violations and leave with the RHD
  6. Phone calls
    • Answer the phone politely
      • Thank you for calling _______. This is ______. How can I help you?
      • Hello, this is _______ desk, can I help you?
  7. Problems
    • Argument between guests/hosts/parents
      • Explain policy. If additional question refer to RA, RHD, Professional staff or Public Safety. In that order.
      • "I am sorry that I could not provide the information that you needed, let me refer you to ..."
    • Refuse to stop and sign in
      • Inform the guests and residents that all guests must sign in.
      • If they continue, call staff and give description and name of host if known.
      • Explain policy to the guests and residents saying that is is for the safety of the residents and all who visit
      • Do not touch or attempt to apprehend any guests or residents.
    • Emergency
      • Injury, fight, or fire, call Public Safety immediately, followed by the staff on duty
      • Document any emergency in the duty log.
    • Fire drill/fire alarm
      • Secure all equipment
      • Prepare to remove it
      • NEVER leave it unattended unless in case of life or health threatening situation
      • Cooperate with staff and public safety
  8. Shift Changes
    • If relief id late, give a couple minutes, try calling, then call public safety. DO NOT JUST LEAVE!!!
    • Pass on all relevant information to late shift
    • Check quantity of forms and contact senior practitioners of shortages
    • Document all violations
    • Check area before leaving. Throw out trash, make sure all documentation is secure
    • NEVER leave before the end of duty unless authorized
    • Report and document all violations and leave them with the RHD