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Rowan University Public Safety offers two types of public safety positions. Our law enforcement officers are selected from our Security Officer ranks, Title Code 32261, Rowan Public Safety periodically seeks qualified applicants to fill vacant positions within the organization, and actively participates in recruitment efforts. All applications are submitted to the Rowan University Human Resource Department. Those applications are then turned over to Public Safety and screened. Qualified applicants are interviewed for the position by the selection committee appointed by the Assistant Vice President of Public Safety, or designee.

When an open position becomes available in the Public Safety Law Enforcement Division an announcement is made to fill the vacancies. Rowan Public Safety Security candidates are encouraged to make application. Applicants are screened, and interviewed for the position of campus police officer, Title Code 32271, or campus police officer bilingual in Spanish and English, Title Code 32271C, Once a selection is made, candidates must successfully pass the civil service examination.

There are six steps remaining to becoming a Public Safety employee. Please address these steps and take the necessary initiatives to begin your exciting career!

Step One

Introduction and Orientation of Benefits – All applicants that have been selected to move forward to the next phase of the selection process will be sent an introduction letter. This letter contains hyperlinks to Rowan University’s Human Resource webpage which outlines employee benefits.

The introduction and orientation of benefits correspondence contains the following information:

(1) All elements of the selection process.

(2) The expected duration of the selection process.

(3) This Office's policy on reapplication, retesting and reevaluation of candidates who are not appointed.

If you fail to complete any portion of the selection process or falsify any information your name shall be removed from consideration and you will not be considered for reapplication.

Step Two

Review of Completed Application
Assigned Background Investigator shall review the application for completeness and accuracy. Applicants will not be rejected for minor omissions or deficiencies and will be given an opportunity to make corrections during the application process, prior to examination or interview. If you fail to complete any portion of the selection process or falsify any information your name shall be removed from consideration and you will not be considered for reapplication.

Step Three

Formal Board Interview
Conducted before a panel of superior officers to gauge and score candidates response to a series of subjective questions relating to the position. The Assistant Vice President and the Senior Director of Public Safety will make formal recommendations to the Rowan Human Resource Office. Human Resources will make employment offers based on recommendations made by Public Safety.

Step 4

Background Investigation
Includes verification of employment, education, credit history, law enforcement contacts, reference checks and interviews with friends, family and neighbors which is documented in the background investigators detailed report to the Senior Director of Public Safety. The background investigation includes, but is not be limited to:

  1. Criminal history check.
  2. Motor vehicle history check.
  3. Review of past employment and correspondence with past employer(s).
  4. Verification with at least three personal references.
  5. Financial history check.
  6. Interview of the candidate's neighbor

Step 5

(Police Only) Psychological Evaluation
Conducted by a psychologist who tests and evaluates the candidate, prepares a detailed report on their findings which includes a recommendation on the candidate's fitness for the position of Police Officer.

Step 6

(Police Only) Medical Examination
Conducted by a medical physician who shall gauge the candidate's physical health, prepare a detailed report on their findings, which includes a recommendation on the candidate's suitability for employment. If the selection is for campus police officer, their ability to successfully participate in mandatory Basic Police Academy physical training program. If you are selected after completing the six portions of the selection process for campus police officer, you will then be required to complete a six-month Basic Police Academy. If you successfully pass all portions of the selection process and are not selected for employment, your name shall be retained for future vacancies and you shall remain eligible for reapplication.

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If selected for employment with Rowan University Public Safety, you will have the opportunity to be assigned to a variety of specialized assignments and receive a comprehensive benefits package. Assignments include Campus Security Officer, Campus Police Officer, Detective Bureau, Segway Patrol, Bike Patrol, Canine Officer, Firearms Instructor, Community Policing and Evidence Management. There are many opportunities for specialized law enforcement. These include special operations with the Gloucester County Narcotics Taskforce, the Emergency Response Team, and other assignments to assist local, State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies.


For a complete list of benefits, please visit:

Contact Information

Please refer any questions to:

Rowan University Human Resources

Linden Hall

201 Mullica Hill Road

Glassboro NJ. 08028

Phone (856) 256-4134

Fax (856) 256-4714

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