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Educational Opportunity Fund
Maximizing Academic Potential Program
bullet Rowan gallery exhibit explores issues surrounding food distribution in our society | More

bullet Dr. Richard Dammers Named Dean of the College of Performing Arts | More

bullet The envelope, please! Rowan med students meet their futures on Match Day | More

bullet Tweedie named Dean of College of Communication & Creative Arts | More

bullet The SHOP: Campus resource center at Rowan to address student hunger | More

Job Opportunities - PCI 2017

Please attend one of our PCI 2k17 Interest Meetings to find out if you would like to work our upcoming summer program. Then, complete and submit each of the following documents to Carol Karavangelas in the EOF/MAP office by February 28, 2017!

PCI 2017 Employment Application - This application includes forms for 2 references so please do not delay in submitting the reference requests! We will need both returned to the office by 2/28 in order to schedule your interview.

W-4 - You only need to complete and submit page 1. Page 2 is for your use to assist in calculating your deductions.

I-9 - You only need to complete Page 1 but you must print and submit Pages 1-3 with your application. You must bring your 2 forms of ID (as listed on page 4).

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Confidentiality Agreement


Funding Opportunities


Applying to Scholarships | more

Categories of Scholarships:


Tuition Aid Grant (TAG)

Internship Opportunities

Internship Highlights:

HACU National Internship Program
The HACU National Internship Program offers summer paid internships within the federal government and corporate sector | more

Seton Hall Pre-Legal Institute
Seton Hall's Pre-Legal program is a five-week, residential, skill-building program which requires a total commitment of time and energy. Courses are offered in legal writing, legal analysis, written communications, and two substantive areas of the law such as contracts, property, agency, or constitutional law | more

Summer Medical and Dental Edcuation Program (SMDEP)
A free (full tuition, housing, and meals) six-week summer academic enrichment program that offers freshman and sophomore college students intensive and personalized medical and dental school preparation | more

Steven's Institute of Technology Math Immersion Program (MIP)
MIP is a summer enrichment program designed to help undergraduate students improve their mathematics skills, and broaden their use of computers as a learning tool | more



Volunteer Opportunities

EOF/MAP Student Ambassador Program

The EOF/MAP Student Ambassador Program is an opportuntiy for EOF/MAP students to volunteer by speaking to pontential EOF/MAP students about their enriching experiences and benefits of the EOF/MAP Program.| more

All interested and eligble EOF/MAP students must submit an application | more