Student Health Services
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Mandatory Pre-Entrance Health Forms For All Incoming Students

Who needs health forms? Click here for more information.

Due Dates:

Incoming Fall Students - July 15th
Incoming Spring Students - December 15th
Incoming Summer Students - July 15th

STEP 1: Print Provider Packet & Schedule Appointment

A. Click here to print the Provider Packet.
B. Schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider. Take your Provider Packet to your appointment to have your healthcare provider complete. Also, talk to your provider about any chronic conditions have and how you can be prepared for these conditions when you at school.

STEP 2: Complete Online Medical History Forms

A. Go to to access the Online Wellness Link (OWL). Having trouble with your username or password? Go to
B. Select FORMS from the menu on the left. Complete and submit each of the four forms one time each.
C. Check Yourself: You should notice a “submit date” next to each form once they have been completed.

STEP 3: Upload your completed Provider Packet to OWL

Make sure your name, date of birth, and student ID# are on all forms. Scan and save your documents into separate files, in the below categories. Make sure your file is in one of the following acceptable formats: .gif, .png, .tiff, .tif, .jpg, .jpeg, .txt or .pdf. Do not use any special characters in your file name (&, <, >, /).

Immunizations Record (Provider Packet Page 3 of 6) and any additional immunization records
Entrance Physical Form (Provider Packet Page 4 of 6)
TB Evaluation and Testing Form (Provider Packet Page 5 of 6)
Titer Lab Reports/ Other Labs (Titer or any other lab reports)
Consent for Treatment (Provider Packet Page 6 of 6 for any student under 18 years of age)

Click here to upload your documents into OWL. Log into OWL using the instructions from STEP 2A. Select "Upload Documents" from the menu on the left.

A. Under “Choose Document” select the type of file to be uploaded.
B. Click “Browse” to search for the scanned document.
C. Click “Attach”.
D. Repeat Steps 3A through 3C until all files have been attached.
E. Click “Upload”.
F. Check Yourself: Each file you uploaded should now have an upload date next to it. If there is no upload date we have not received them.

Your Mandatory Pre-Entrance Health Forms are to be completed and submitted prior to their due date. Submitting forms after their due date may result in up to $100 in late fees and an Immunization Hold. Immunization Holds prevent students from registering for the upcoming semester, viewing grades, dropping and adding classes.

Once you have submitted your completed forms, you can confirm your compliance by contacting the Student Health Center by email at or by phone at 856-256-4333.


Additional Requirements for Intercollegiate Athletes

  • Additional requirements for athletes as outlined above: Mantoux (Tuberculosis PPD Test), Meningococcal Immunization (within last 5 years), and Tetanus immunization (booster within last 10 years).
  • Once all of the above requirements are completed, contact your coach about the required Pre-Participation Exam, which is done at The Wellness Center before classes begin. ALL students who do not complete their clearance prior to the start of their first semester will be charged a late fee.


Your Mandatory Health Forms will become part of your confidential medical record. The immunization form must be available for inspection by the state of Department of Health. The state Epidemiologist requires an annual report of compliance to the immunization law. The Health Services staff will review your submitted forms. If any information is omitted or incomplete, or falls in an unacceptable time frame, you will be notified via email.